2018 – What’s on the menu?


12 Jan 18

With a handful of London favourites added (and soon to be added) to Boxpark’s roster of traders, boy is 2018 shaping up to be a food-fuelled year for Shoreditch and Croydon. And we’re only taking about the first few months. Let’s have a peek at what’s in store.

We kick things off with Rudie’s, who originally endeared themselves to Dalston natives with their 24-hour marinated jerk chicken with chow chow slaw, and curried goat roti wraps. Having moved on from their original home, they’ve now set up shop at Units 44 & 45 in Shoreditch. Don’t believe the hype? You’d better – it’s already been dubbed one of 2018’s hottest openings by Spectator Life.

Still, competition for Boxpark’s best newcomer is fiery. Were it not for Horn OK Please, Jhal Muri Express, and Sonita’s Kitchen, Indian street food would be sadly underrepresented (and a lot more boring) in London. The latter has been keeping KERB’s Camden Lock look and taste that much more vibrant, but now Sonita’s expanding into Boxpark Shoreditch with her Punjabi curries as well.

Then on the 14th February Londoners will reaffirm their love for um, well, pie, as London’s favourite stuffed pastry peddlers Pieminster make a return to Boxpark Shoreditch. It’s to coincide with the opening of new bar BEATBOX on Valentine’s day. Because nothing says ‘I love you’ more than pie, mash, and mushy peas, right? That be the truth up North, at least.

Now then, Croydon! You’re up. But wait, where’s Poptata? Gone AWOL? Nope, just moved downstairs from Unit 70 to Unit 72. Sling, as they now can, their loaded fries street-side. And don’t say we don’t spoil you, because coffee and gelato obsessives Sweetbean and masters of meat Chicago Rib Shack will be inaugurated into the Boxpark Croydon family by the time you read this.

Plenty there to chew on, no? Stay tuned ­– there’s more ­to come in the form of Britain’s very first National Pizza Day on the 9th of February, followed by Pancake Day, Valentine’s Day, and British Pie Week. Oh, and with plenty on the way for Easter. Until then, feel free to give a warm welcome to Boxpark’s new kids on the block.