A Cronx Tale


19 Mar 17

The Cronx Bar is a serious drinking destination for people who are serious about quality drink.

Cronx has been pouring out signature pints of quality craft beer and ales for almost 5 years and their reputation for quenching the borough's thirst in a big way has grown and grown; with a certain member of the royal family even coming to town to sink a pint.

The idea came about when alcohol wholesaler, Mark Russell, and ex-city worker, Simon Dale realised their shared passion of creating a quality microbrewery in their own hometown. After Croydon was thrown into chaos during the 2011 riots, Mark and Simon realised the strength of the community spirit and decided that was the right time to start putting the wheels in motion and help repair the town's shake-y reputation. By July 2012, the boys in the brewery were concocting their first pint and, just a month later, pubs and bars in Croydon were stocking and serving Cronx beers. In fact, their very first pint was pulled exactly one year after the London riots.

Mark and Simon enjoyed unprecedented success in their first year as the good word spread throughout town and further afield and, that popularity, has maintained ever since.

One of their most popular beverages is the 'Kotchin' - a light and flavourful golden ale which can be found in many pubs, not just in Croydon, but around the country. It's been described by beer connoisseurs as 'Light bodied with citrus-y flavours and a nice, dry woody finish'. Cronx has five permanent beers available from their impressive stock but they occasionally produce seasonal specials and limited edition ales too.

Their brewery and head office is based in New Addington, just 15 minutes from Croydon town centre, but the Cronx Bar is their first foray into the fully-fledged pub environment. Their unit is a cosy hideaway from the outside world, located on the Dingwall Road facing entrance to Boxpark Croydon. It's a warm and welcoming place, with soft wooden furnishings and some incredible wall art. It's the ideal location to settle down and enjoy a quiet pint or even catch up with friends over several more at the end of a long week.

And it's not just about the Cronx range of drinks. The bar also stocks a number of craft bottled beers and signature ales available on tap. If you're a big fan of decent drink then you should follow the Cronx Bar on Twitter to keep a tab on their current stock and special offers.

They also sell a mean grilled cheese sandwich too. 

So, if you have yet to try the sweet, sweet Nektar from the Croydon microbrewery that's making a difference, then make sure you pay them at a visit at Boxpark Croydon.