And the Winner Is


27 Aug 17

We have just celebrated, arguably, the most important event of the year - National Burger Day - and, at Boxpark Croydon and Shoreditch there were special offers and new recipes to get your tastebuds tingling for the occasion.

We also asked you to vote for your favourite burger and while there were many notable and well deserved mentions, it was clear who the winner was.

Coqfighter is the brainchild of Troy and, brothers, Deacon and Tristan who first moved to the UK, from Melbourne, back in 2015. They discovered that London's love of fried chicken was limitless and decided to add their own signature menu to the capital's offerings. They swiftly gained notoriety for their incredible fried chicken, bao buns and fries, but it's the burgers that takes Coqfighter's menu to new levels.

'The Original', as she's affectionately known, has become one of the best loved burgers in London and it's easy to see why. This burger is probably unlike anything you've ever had before. The bold ingredients, strong flavours and beautiful presentation make The Original one of the most appetising and attractive burgers of all time. Yes, of all time.

If for some highly irrational an inexplicable reason you've not managed to get yourself down to Boxpark to try it for yourself, we'll explain what makes this mouth-watering burger so damn special.

The meat is chicken thigh which means it's super tender and flavoursome. It's then fried in panko - Japanese breadcrumbs - and garnished with fresh and crisp iceberg lettuce and a tangy helping of pickled red onion and sambal mayonnaise, before going into a sesame bun with a generous drizzling of Korean hot sauce. Feeling hungry? We thought you might be.

If that sounds delicious to you then that's because it really is. The ingredients are expertly blended to create the perfect flavour combination and each bite feels like a trip to burger heaven - *imagines a burger heaven*. Ahem, where was I...

If you're already a hardened veteran when it comes to The Original then you'll be pleased to hear that there's another beastly burger on the menu - the Green Chilli Cheese. This monster has all the delicious flavourings of The Original but with the added nom-factor of American cheese, pickled green chillies and chipotle mayo. YUM.

If you've already sampled Coqfighter's incredible menu then you already know and, if you're yet to get yourself down to Boxpark Shoreditch or Croydon to try it for yourself, you have it on good authority that you will not be disappointed.

The people have spoken. Congratulations, Coqfighter, on being the best-loved burger at Boxpark.