Biff’s Jack Shack


24 Oct 18

Boxpark is proud to welcome Biff’s Jack Shack, and they’re hell-bent on making the world’s filthiest, most indulgent and uncompromising fast food. And making it #VeganAF.  

Being the UK’s ONLY jackfruit-based take-out they are taking chicken head-on.

Biff’s Jack Shack make their signature burgers and wingz from Crispy Fried Jackfruit – a radical take on the spiky fruit that’s not only insanely delicious, but is changing the conversation around what plant-based food can be. With their ‘Vegan AF’ mantra they create cruelty-free food that holds its own corner – bold, bolshy, and flavourful; and all served with a side of neon and the odd 80’s reference.

Biff’s was kick-started by partners Biff Burrows and Christa Bloom as a reaction against the sad, uninspired bean burger options they suffered in many restaurants. Fed up with the perception that ‘vegan’ meant ‘second best’ their mission was to create banging nosh that carnivores and plant-based foodies could revel in together.

After falling in love with jackfruit whilst on holiday in Indonesia, Biff and Christa had the crazy idea to deep fry it. The result was an instant hit, and, by May 2017, Biff had quit his marketing job, bought a van, and joined London street food collective KERB. The Shack quickly spawned multiple stalls across London and after a hugely successful 10-month residency at The Haunt, Stoke Newington, they opened their first permanent joint at Boxpark Shoreditch in October 2018.

Over this time, they have racked up appearances on Channel 4 and BBC One, as well as features in The Guardian, Independent, Metro, and Good Food magazine. The ‘Father Jack’ burger was picked as Time Out London’s fave vegan bun, and ‘The Samuel Hell Jackson’ named as one of the ‘best burgers in London’ by GQ (their only vegan selection!).  

The food:

Biff’s menu is centred around our unique Crispy Fried Jackfruit: young green jackfruit is braised in a secret spice mix and triple-dipped in golden panko to create fully-stacked burgers and wait-that’s-not-chicken wingz, complete with sugarcane ‘bone’.

But their food doesn’t simply stop with the jack’. Junk food purists, the burgers are known for the homemade sauces, Arnie-esque builds and pillowy, locally baked vegan brioche buns. Biff’s standard toppings include vegan ‘bacun’ jam, homemade maple chipotle hot sauce and blue cheeze dressing – and this is before we get to the specials.

The Boxpark Shack menu also features jackfruit brisket chilli bowls, loaded fries, in-house baked desserts and London’s first vegan poutine and hush puppies (served with whipped maple butter).

Brunch burgers are also available on the weekend.

Wingz are available as gluten free*, and other GF menu items are available.

*Not suitable for coeliacs due to gluten products being present in the kitchen.


Biff’s packaging is fully compostable and recyclable and they do not sell single-use plastic drinks. In an effort to reduce waste further, all customers that bring in their own appropriate food containers get 50p off their order.

What is jackfruit and why?

That big, spiky fruit, about the size of a newborn baby, that you’ve seen outside your local Asian supermarket? That’s jackfruit.

Jackfruit is a tropical fruit used across South and South East Asia in both ripe and unripe forms. Unripe jackfruit (known as “young green jackfruit”) is unusual as it is not sweet, and also develops an incredible, fibrous texture when cooked that makes it an excellent meat-substitute. Hailed as a vegan superfood due not only to its nutritional value, but also its sustainability, it is becoming increasingly popular as meat alternative.

Biff’s always felt that jackfruit could be more than a ‘pulled pork’ substitute. They believe that meat-like texture, when cooked right, could give the humble chicken a run for its money, so they started to cook it down in a secret mix of herbs and spices, coat it panko breadcrumbs and fry it. The result? Crisp outside, tender inside, with a ‘wait-what-no-meat?’ texture that’s been freaking out dedicated carnivores ever since.

Totally indulgent. Totally vegan. And it’s one of your five a day.

Biff’s Jack Shack is open 7 days a week at Boxpark Shoreditch. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more delicious updates.