Box Balls


25 May 17

Something fun this way comes. This summer, Boxpark Shoreditch will play host to Box Balls, the fun-packed ball pit party from the mind behind Ballie Ballerson, London’s most unique bar experience. There’s all the perks of a bar and nightclub but with balls! Lots and lots and lots of balls! Adulting has never been so fun. We sat down with Wenny Armstrong to find out more…

For those that have yet to experience Ballie Ballerson, tell us who you are and what you do.

In October 2016, I came across a two-storey bar in a brilliant location in Dalston; the street level bar was licensed but the large basement was not, meaning I could not sell drinks down there. This allowed my mind to start wandering about what I could put in my basement to ensure it would still draw a crowd. I thought of things like art and board games and live dancers but this had all been done before. Then, I had the idea of filling the entire basement with waist-deep, coloured, balls – 250,000 of them! The whole bar is themed around nostalgia, with the bright colourful balls and cocktails based on childhood sweets like Whams, Dib Dabs and Pink Shrimps.

I had no idea it would catch people’s imaginations as much as it did. We had Time Out, Buzzfeed, Lad Bible, and the like, at our door wanting to get in on the action.Then I found out through a friend that a video of our events had gone viral! 

So, what can customers expect this summer at Box Balls?

We are bringing the nostalgic, retro balls back into town for a colourful summer at Boxpark Shoreditch. Box Balls will be a unique little way to brighten anyone’s mood. Diving into 100,000 coloured balls will put a smile on even the stoniest commuter’s face. On Monday mornings, Box Balls is free for anyone living within the M25. We are doing our bit to try make London the best city in the world and put a smile on everyone’s face!

What should customers know before coming to Box Balls?

We want everyone to know we clean the balls once a week, which is more than any child’s play ground, so no one needs worry about dirty balls. We have a machine that cleans 16,000 bph (that’s balls per hour). We take our ball cleaning very seriously. At Box Balls, you should be ready for a colourful endorphin rush, and a new profile picture for all your social media accounts. Tickets are first come first serve. However the whole place can be hired out for meetings, meet ups, dates or birthdays.

What inspired the move to Boxpark Shoreditch?

I was cycling past and saw your vacancy sign, and thought ‘well that would make a good ball pit…’ and within 3 days I had signed the lease. The coloured balls are too beautiful to be sat in storage, and I think the people of London will find a container full of balls hilarious.

You already have a large fanbase, what do you think your customers will make of this new concept?

The whole ball pit concept just started as a bit of fun and we still see it that way. Taking ourselves too seriously, even after all of the hype, would be a big mistake; it’s just a bit of fun, and we are thrilled our customers love it as much as we do.

Which song would you say best sums up the Box Balls experience?

Happy by Pharrell Williams!

>> Box Balls opens 7 June at Boxpark Shoreditch <<