Boxpark Croydon Press Banquet


31 Oct 16

Boxpark Croydon – Press Event 

Wednesday 26 October saw the pre-launch of Boxpark Croydon. Local figureheads and special guests were treated to a sneak peek of the site, a selection of signature dishes from our tenants and access to the newly built BoxBar. 

The centre space was strewn with banquet tables; topped with white cloths, electric candles, wine bottles and the evening’s menu. The colours throughout the site teamed with the iconic black and white Boxpark look - even down to the giant, latex helium balloons that lined the events space. 

From 4pm, we welcomed our guests inside and directed them to the mobile bars situated either side of the main stairwell. Boxpark creator and CEO, Roger Wade, took to the stage to thank everybody for coming and invited everyone to take their seats for their first course. 

For the next two hours, a stream of signature and delicious dishes from the likes of Mamalan, Coqfighter, Wine&Deli, Poptata and Fish, Wings & Tings, made their way to the tables. Thai Express even gave away hot sauce key chains – because there’s literally nothing more useful to have on your keys than hot sauce, for emergencies. Genuinely. 

During the tasting session there was also live acoustic music on the stage set up at the foot of the tables. Roger Wade took to the mic once more to talk about what it means to bring Boxpark to Croydon and to thank the long list of people that helped make this dream a reality.

Once the dining had wrapped up, guests were encouraged to explore BoxBar where DJ’s Wayward and Sam Divine kicked up the tempo.  

The vibe was truly electric and it was so overwhelming for the team at Boxpark to see the event come together in such a positive way. All of the guests, from Croydon Council to the mayor of Croydon, local DJ’s/producers and more, had such encouraging things to say about Boxpark and its future in Croydon.

Following that, we had the two-day launch festival and both days were a huge success; proving, that Croydon is the place to be...and this is just the beginning.

Check out the video to see what happened!