Boxpark Shoreditch 2.0


5 Mar 17

Boxpark first opened its doors in Shoreditch in 2011 and kick-started a retail revolution. The new site was instrumental in the development and transformation of the surrounding area as it imbedded itself as a cultural hub of high street fashion, quality dining and pioneering events.

This success has continued well into its sixth year and it’s no surprise that Boxpark is considered to be one of the top destinations in London to visit. But, sometimes, even a revolution needs an evolution.

The top deck, and main performance area, of Boxpark Shoreditch is to undergo a major redevelopment this May. The upper floor will become the street food focus of Boxpark Shoreditch as customers are invited to drink and dine in their new comfortable and partially closed surroundings.

By closing off the top deck at either side of the site and creating a clear ceiling for the central dining and events space, we’ll be able to offer an environment that allows you to enjoy the full Boxpark experience and keeps you protected from the elements.

The new plans ensure that that customers feel the benefits of the hot and balmy summertime weather, as well as the protection and comfort you would expect to find in even the harshest of winters; meaning you can enjoy Boxpark all year round.

The plans also create scope for additional food and beverage units to join the Boxpark family and bring their quality cuisines to Shoreditch.

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