3 Oct 20

BOXPARK is backing the #CancelTheCurfew campaign in a bid to keep the hospitality sector alive. 

Following the new Government restrictions, all hospitality venues are now being forced to close their doors at 10pm every night which is already having a negative impact on businesses, resulting in thousands of venues closing and workers being made redundant.  

The #CancelTheCurfew campaign has been created by a group of hospitality professionals across the UK and Wales to raise awareness amongst consumers of the impact the policy is having on the industry; in hope they will join and put pressure on the Government to make a U-turn on the restrictions.

With some venues reporting huge drops in revenue since the curfew was imposed, the potential damage could be catastrophic. Furthermore, the open letter to Government states that even before the curfew came into play, half of the UK’s 100,000 hospitality firms feared they wouldn’t survive beyond the middle of 2021.

To support the campaign, BOXPARK staff at each venue came together to spread the message and ask the Government to stop blaming hospitality.

Roger Wade, CEO & Founder of BOXPARK says: “As a public venue, the wellbeing of our customers and staff is our number one priority. Therefore, we welcome any measures that will prevent a second wave and help to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. However with no real evidence to suggest that the reopening of hospitality is linked to the rise in cases or hospital admissions, the new measures seem to be a ‘panic move’ or knee jerk reaction from the Government rather than a well thought out long-term strategy.

“We have already seen a serious negative impact on sales since the curfew was imposed and I’m genuinely concerned for pubs and bars which mostly rely on evening trade, as well as smaller, independent venues. Just as we were starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel, these new restrictions were announced and the industry has been plunged back into uncertainy. What we need from the Government is clear, consistent guidance, as well as a solution for the rental crisis that can help us future-proof our businesses.”


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