Charm Addiction Collection


17 Feb 17

Yanin Namasonthi is the super cool digital influencer behind the blog ‘I Dress Myselff’.

With her vast following and global reach, Yanin has become the go-to blogger throughout the fashion industry and beyond.

Astrid & Miyu has been collaborating with Yanin since the very early days of the brand. Her simplicity and effortless vibe, combined with her edgy yet elegant styling and dynamic and cosmopolitan lifestyle, resonate strongly with the brand.

Astrid & Miyu have worked closely with Yanin during the design and branding process as the muse of this collection.  This is a 9-pieces capsule collection centred around lucky charms. We have taken the look and feel of traditional lucky charms and injected both Astrid & Miyu and Yanin’s personalities into them, to offer a unique twist.

The Charm Addiction Collection will launch exclusively on as well as two Astrid & Miyu London stores on 17 February. Prices range between £39 and £89.  Coloured cubic zirconia are encrusted on 18k rose gold, 14k gold, rhodium and black rhodium plated brass base metal.