19 Sep 23

Our collaboration with Coca-Cola continues to sizzle as we proudly present the second installment of Coke Zero: Tastemakers Nights.

In a dazzling prelude to London Fashion Week, we orchestrated an unforgettable supper club and soirée, casting a spotlight on the electrifying partnership between Coke Zero and the trendsetting tastemakers at HIGHSNOBIETY.

As the night unfolded, we embarked on a gastronomic journey that left our taste buds in raptures. The culinary maestros at Athenian and Poptata combined their culinary prowess with the talents of Black Bear Burger and Raastawala, crafting mouthwatering food collaborations that transcended the ordinary.

Following this exquisite feast, the stage was set for a riveting panel discussion, expertly moderated by industry luminaries, who delved into the realm of the most iconic collaborations ever witnessed.

As the crescendo of the evening drew near, we were treated to an electrifying performance by none other than UK legends REDLIGHT and the enigmatic HEARTLESS CREW.

Relive the magic of that unforgettable night below: