Croydon Food x Music Fest 2018


25 Jun 18

This year’s festival may have coincided with England’s World Cup game against Panama but that still didn’t stop the good people of Croydon heading out to experience exquisite food from around the globe as well as quality cocktails and amazing summertime vibes.

2018 marks Croydon Food and Music Festival’s seventh year in the borough and it did not disappoint. The crowds were treated to incredible menus from almost 50 stalls dotted around Croydon’s Restaurant Quarter.

Speaking on the importance of the event, Mayor of Croydon, Bernadette Khan said, “it demonstrates the face of Croydon. It brings communities together, it brings cultures together, it brings families together, and everybody is enjoy themselves; there are so many happy and smiling faces”.

This year, there was not one, not two, but three Boxpark Croydon traders taking part in the action – Cronx, Yumn and Nanny Outars!

Mark Russell of the Cronx brewery said, “Croydon Food Festival cements the borough as a place to go for great food and drink”.

And great food and drink there was, too.

Croydon’s appetites were well and truly satisfied by the incredible offerings served up the vast array of traders on site for the day’s festivities. Nanny Outars, the Guyanese roti powerhouse has made huge waves since arriving in town and it was great to see, founder, Chris and his team serving their delicious roti wraps to the people of South Croydon. “This festival takes us back to our roots”, Chris commented, “we used to run market stalls pre-Boxpark, so this festival makes us feel really in touch with the local community.”

One point of note this year was the number of out-of-towner’s who had come into Croydon to experience the festival. Fern Champion, a Tooting resident, said “it’s such a fun and vibrant atmosphere. I’m not from Croydon but coming out here and seeing what the town has to offer has been fantastic. This festival really helps to put Croydon on the map.”

It wasn’t just the food that was drawing the crowds. There was a host of incredible talent on the main stage as well as live music from the Scream Lounge and big beats from Croydon FM. Founder, Clive Campbell, said, “the festival has been an opportunity for us to reach out to people, we’re a community led station and so this is a way for us to engage with the people of Croydon”. Commenting on the nearby crowd who had gathered to dance to their set, Clive said, “look how many people are out here, how many cultures, it’s so mixed, it’s a great vibe. This is a true representation of Croydon”.

One key point that seemed to come out amongst the Croydon residents in attendance was how vital an event like this is to the culture and community of Croydon. A festival that celebrates so many of the successes in the area has helped to bring so many people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds together to create a positive and engaging atmosphere.

Bernadette Khan, Mayor of Croydon, expressed, in her speech to the crowds, how important it is to see “people coming together. It makes Croydon one of the best boroughs to live in.” When asked if she thought that the festival would still form a part of Croydon’s future, she responded, “absolutely! Croydon is one of the largest growing economies in London and this festival plays a part in that. Look at the business that has been generated, the expression of diversity; this is good for the people of Croydon and I hope that it expands”.

Croydon Food and Music Festival is very much a part of the drive to build lasting community relationships and long may it continue in its enormous success and cultural impact and outreach.


You can visit Cronx Brewery, Yumn and Nanny Outars seven days a week at Boxpark Croydon.