Croydon’s Favourite Curry House


13 Apr 18

Ah, TripAdvisor, where a holidaymaker once complained that a beautiful beach in Hawaii was “too sandy”, and another was harassed by an emu. It’s definitely not without its amusing moments, but for all its calamity and hilarity, TripAdvisor is a legitimate barometer of what’s hot and what’s not. So, it was great news, this week, when Indigo was crowned ‘Croydon’s Favourite Indian Restaurant’! Of course it was.

If you’ve already tried their tantalising menu then you’ll know; if you haven’t then what on earth have you been playing at?

Firstly, it’s service with a smile, which might seem a little on the corny, American, side of things but hear me out. Friendly, efficient and positive service can make or break a restaurant. You might not always remember the good service you received on an evening out, but you’ll certainly remember the great and the bad. That’s not an issue at Indigo – the servers are happy and courteous; undecided about what to order from the menu? They’ll recommend something based on your preferences. It’s first class.

Secondly, the food. THE FOOD.

Whether it’s small bites, sides or a big ol’ bowl of hot and delicious curry, there is something for everyone on this menu; it doesn’t matter whether you sit on the mild or spicy side of the spectrum either. The biryani, however you take it (veg, chicken or lamb), is banging. It’s a customer favourite and an obvious choice. It hits the spot with an explosion of fresh and vibrant flavours. My personal favourite is the Adraki Chicken; this bowl of perfection is absolutely loaded with flavours and the sweet and tangy, ginger aroma takes it to the next level. Last year, I had a horrendous cold and that meal cured me of my ailments. True story.

It gets better. Indigo isn’t just about dishing up delicious meat-filled mains. Their menu is chock full of amazing vegan and vegetarian options, too! A top tip would be the Chana Masala, you won’t regret it. There are even dishes for the indecisive. If you’re not sure what you want but you think you might want a bit of everything, then the Bento Box is just the ticket. Think of it as an Indigo sample platter – a little curry, a veggie side, some rice, naan, a bhaji, salad and sauce; bosh, sorted.

Even the sides are superb – chilli fries, freshly prepared naans, samosas, bhajis, pakoras; the list goes on! Indigo’s menu is such an impressive display of taste, colour and variety that it’s exactly the kind of place that you end up telling your friends about. “Mate, you haven’t had Indigo’s chana masala? Are you mad?” That kinda thing. 

Anyway, now you know what you can expect from Croydon’s favourite curry house, you’ll be pleased to hear that Indigo is also partnered up with Deliveroo and Uber Eats. So, what’re you waiting for?


Indigo is open 7 days a week at Boxpark Croydon. Follow them online on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more delicious updates.