Easter Specials and Exclusives at Boxpark Shoreditch


18 Apr 19

No need to hunt for bargains or delicious treats this Easter, we have them all under one roof!
50% Off at Side Party
Side Party are leaving us on Sat 27th April, boooo! But that means they’re throwing a gnarly goodbye sale – You know what they say,  every cloud has a (discounted) silver lining! Absolutely everything in store is 50% off, but once it’s gone it’s gone so you’ve gotta move quickly if you want to grab yourself a bargain.
Biff’s Jack Shack – Freakshake Fries
For one weekend only, Biff’s Jack Shack are combining everyone’s guilty pleasure of dipping fries into milkshake with veganisim! 
Get your hands on a portion of ‘Freakshake Fries’ created in collaboration with Doisy and Dam the vegan chocolatiers.
We’re talking crispy, salty skin-on fries, drizzled in thick AF banana oatshake and dark chocolate sauce, before topping with salted coconut caramel, cacao nibs, crushed Oreos, and plenty of rich vegan Doisy and Dam chocolate.
This is not for the faint hearted. 
Soft Serve Society – Easter Cones
Made up of vanilla soft serve ice cream topped with orange chocolate sauce, enveloped with toasted matcha fluff and drizzled with a white chocolate sauce these Easter cones are not ones to miss! Get them until Bank Holiday Monday.
And Boxpark Shoreditch has a whole load of events running this weekend, but that’s for another post 😉