Eat. Bukowski


12 Apr 17

I'm going to talk burgers and don't you dare try to stop me. And why would you? Because burgers are incredible and this is something we can all agree on.

Sometimes a simple burger it the best burger and sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes adding just a little something extra can really take it to the next level and this is where Bukowski shines. If you haven’t before, seriously, check out their menu.

A fan favourite is the ‘Smokey Beast’. This monster is Smokey by name and smoke-y by nature – smoked pulled pork, smoked honey and chipotle sauce, smoked gherkins, smoked garlic and scotch bonnet mayo; heck, there’s even tobacco onions in there. The onions are smoking! This bad boy is rich in and messy in all the right ways and it has a delicious kick in every juicy bite. I’m salivating writing this. I need a moment.


 If the smokiness on offer at Bukowski isn’t enough to win you over then a lighter, greener option may be just the ticket. I’m particularly fond of the ‘Californian’ because it’s everything, all at once, happening between two pieces of bread. You get your delicious beef patty as standard but then there’s the crispy bacon (as it should be!) and Monterey jack cheese AND avocado! Throw in the usual veg (onion, tomato and lettuce) and a splash of chipotle mayonnaise and you’ve got a fresh, juicy, crunchy and creamy burger. Yes, creamy. Gosh, try an avocado some time. Sheesh.

There are, of course, a selection of other awesome burgers to choose from, including the more traditional options (with extra meat, extra cheese), chicken burgers and even a veggie option. Am I saying that right? Veg-ee? Anyway, my point being is that there’s something for every burger lover but it’s not all about the B word.

Bukowski’s may have made a name for themselves when it comes to creating a damn good burger but they are, first and foremost, a grill. Tucked way back in the depths of the kitchen is The Josper – a charcoal fired oven/grill that can sear, grill and blitz your meat at break-neck speeds. This little beauty is the key to Bukowski’s success because The Josper ensures that no flavour or juices are lost in the cooking.

At Boxpark Croydon, Bukowski is also dishing up everything from baby back ribs, bourbon BBQ wings, deep fried mac and cheese and even puck – pork and duck nuggets infused with delicious Korean spices. They also mix up some pretty mean cocktails too. The raspberry G&T is particularly refreshing.

So, whether you choose to dine at Boxpark Shoreditch or Croydon you can be sure to find Bukowski, dishing up some serious flavours, fresh from the grill.