Eat. Chilango


18 Apr 17

Mexican food has become the absolute pinnacle of street food in Britain. No self-respecting food market sets up without a great Mexican in tow and, nowadays, you'll be hard pushed to find a high street that doesn't have a decent Mexican restaurant. And that includes Boxpark Croydon.

Chilango is the Mexican street food restaurant that's picking up major accolades throughout London. Seriously. In fact, Time Out rated Chilango for dishing up the capital's 'best burritos', and Zagat voted them the best Mexican restaurant in London. So, they're kind of a big deal. And that's a key to their success - big!

These guys go big in every sense of the word - big flavours and big bites make for big smiles. Chilango are passionate about authentic Mexican food and it shows in the care and attention they inject into their menu. With fresh ingredients, bold recipes and original techniques, Chilango delivers with every single order.

So, let's talk about what's up for grabs...

BURRITOS! Ahem...sorry...burritos. Ok but they are really good burritos. The best thing about the burrito is their customisability. Choose your meat (I'd highly recommend the pork belly) and then fill up on your choice of beans, salad, cheese (obvs), salsa and hot sauces...or mild. You can add fresh guacamole too because what kind of maniac orders a burrito without guac?! Once that bad boy is made to order, it's sealed in foil and bagged/plated up to be devoured, and this is where the magic happens. Each and every bite gives you a unique flavour combination because all that lovely stuff you threw into the tortilla is now smooshed together and getting up close and personal with its meat-y, cheese-y, crisp-y, salad-y neighbour. You can be practical and order yourself a small burrito but I know you and you live life to its fullest and so I know you'll do the right thing and order a regular big ol' burrito. *WARNING* you make look heavily pregnant for an hour after eating but you'll be too damn happy to care.

Chilango kills it in the burrito game but they're not all about those sexual, messy tortilla wraps. You can also order tacos, nachos, salads and a naked burrito (a burrito for people who like to appear civilised). 

Chilango also happens to be one of the larger restaurants at Boxpark Croydon, which means there's ample seating for you and all your burrito-loving buddies. So, stop by, order up and experience a taste of Mexico.