EAT. Coqfighter


25 Jan 17

Coqfighter is the brainchild of Troy and, brothers, Deacon and Tristan who first moved to the UK, from Melbourne, back in 2015. They discovered that London's love of fried chicken was limitless and decided to add their own signature menu to the capital's offerings.

Coqfighter enjoyed huge success as a pop-up eatery before their arrival at Boxpark Croydon and it seems that you guys love their food too.

So, for those of you that haven't yet ventured into the possibly the best fried chicken house in town, here's a little taster of what you can expect.

These guys have shown that having a limited number of options on your menu is far from restricting. If anything, it expertly demonstrates their ability to make great quality food and take it to the next level. The brilliance is in the detail.

Everyone loves wings. Wings from your local chicken shop, wings from a number of popular fast food chains and even wings from a gourmet restaurant. It's hard to get wings wrong. Coqfighter, however, are game changers in this field. Their signature vodka-battered chicken wings are other-worldly. They're the perfect mixture of a crispy coating and deliciously tender and succulent on the inside. Pair them with the tangy hot sauce and you have a winning combination.

It’s not just about great wings though. Coqfighter offer up a choice of two burgers. You can go for the chunky Korean inspired, panko fried, chicken burger or the soft and squishy bao burger! To choose between the two would be like choosing your favourite child/pet/song – too difficult. They’re both loaded with flavours and guaranteed to satisfy a chicken-lover’s palate.

If you want to take your order a step further then a side of fries is a must. Fries are fries, they’re uncomplicated, they’re a hot snack and they’ve been known to alleviate hangovers but Coqfighter’s fries are a must have! They’re fries in the traditional sense – thin, crispy and soft centred – but they also come with a delicious paprika covering, which gives them a notable kick, and they come with a choice of dips.

Another bonus to ordering yourself a hearty meal at Coqfighter’s is that you can wash it all down with a tasty selection of craft beers! So, the next time you get a hankering for some fried chicken, you know what to do.