Eat. Falafelicious


23 Apr 17

A staple food item in the world of healthy and delicious dining has to be falafel. These delicious little balls of protein have made it over from the Middle East to show us that healthy doesn't have be bland, and Falafelcious, at Boxpark Shoreditch, is dishing it up in all kindsa interesting ways.

Falafel isn't just a tasty source of protein, they're also multi-purpose balls of deliciousness. Falafelicious encourage you to eat yours however you like best. Their fresh salad bar offers you a crunchy and nutritious selection of sides to pair with your falafel and create your own tasty salad bowl. There's also a scrummy selection of sauces and hummus to go with it. Fancy something with a little more clout? Then why not go for the falafel wrap. Again, this bad boy can be teamed with any kind of salad you fancy; though, it has to be said, the chilli carrot salad and sweet potato is a certified winner.

Now, I for one, like to eat well but that doesn't necessarily mean I'm particularly good at eating right. That definitely makes sense. In these modern times of running around like headless chickens and not being able to find the time to sit down and have a proper meal, it's good to know there are a number of places devoted to dishing up healthy, affordable and convenient food-to-go.

Falafelicious has been with Boxpark Shoreditch for a number of years now and their popularity has always maintained. These guys are the masters of their product and their delicious falafel recipe is a traditional family one that has been passed down through the ages, giving their menu a fully authentic flavour. 

The best part of Falafelicious though is how versatile it is. Not just in the food content but in the customers they attract. Falafel is for everyone and so vegetarians, vegans and even just people looking to grab a healthy bite can all come and dine together. 

If you don't know by now, Falafelicious is located on the upper deck of Boxpark Shoreditch and, as we come into the warmer months, this place will deliver the ultimate alfresco dining experience. Don't forget, Boxpark Shoreditch is also undergoing a rooftop makeover to ensure that everyone can make the most of the upstairs events and dining all year round.