Eat. Feed Me Primal


4 Apr 17

The Paleo diet is making huge tracks in the world of modern food and, the irony is, it’s an entirely prehistoric way of dining. Ok, not literally. You’re not expected to gnaw on the severed leg of a wild boar that you managed to track and kill yourself but you are supposed to eat like a caveman. That means your meals are formed entirely from natural produce that would have been available to our ancestors in the days before cheeseburgers, instant noodles and pizza. Can you even imagine such a world?!

Fortunately, it’s not as bleak as you may be thinking. Firstly, our ancient relations had only the purest and rawest ingredients at their disposal. So, their meals were created using meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts and roots. All the good stuff basically. Secondly, the idea is to steer away from all the food nasties and modern trappings of the ‘easy’ meals of today – the processed fats, added sugars and so on. So, it looks like our Neolithic pals had the right idea.

And if you’re thinking ‘but where can I possibly find food without added sugar and fat?!’, fret not – Boxpark Croydon has the solution.

Feed Me Primal started life in 2014 as the first Paleo street food stall in the UK. Quite an achievement when everyone and their grandmother is clambering to have a foothold in the latest food fads in the country. Primal’s creator, Gemma Callander, says it best herself – Feed Me Primal is all about eating lots of veg and good quality meat but with no s**t. In fact, Gemma uses only the freshest ingredients in all of her dishes. The chickens are free range, the steak is grass fed and there’s even a micro herb garden for you to add some natural flavouring to your meal.

If you’re thinking that it’s all just a simple mesh of meat and veg then you couldn’t be more wrong. Gemma knows that would be boring and so she’s devised some delicious and innovative ways to bring these natural ingredients to your plate. Each meal comes with soft and spongey almond and coconut flatbreads and your succulent meat and veg combo is all served up on fluffy and flavourful bed of caulirice. Just because you’re dining like a caveman it doesn’t mean you have to be basic about it. 

Top tip? Try the free-range pulled chicken with sage and lemon, served with the signature paleo flatbread, caulirice and tomato and rosemary sauce. Take it to the next level with a sprinkle of fresh coriander and chives and you won’t be disappointed. No way, no how.

Gemma may be kickin’ it old skool, like before schools even existed, but her menu has certainly evolved. Much like cavemen. So, the next time you feel like connecting to your primitive roots be sure to check out Feed Me Primal at Boxpark Croydon.