Eat. Fixed


24 Sep 17

When Boxpark Croydon opened its doors in 2016, it was the street food faire that first grabbed the attention of hungry visitors but, it wasn't long before customers realised there's more than just food-to-go. Diners wanting to enjoy the authentic restaurant experience can find the perfect setting at Fixed, Boxpark's fixed-price eatery with the freshest menu.

Let's start with the set-up: Fixed is made from 2 repurposed shipping containers which means there's bags of room inside to wine and dine, and you certainly don't feel like you're sitting in two giant metal boxes. No, far from it. In fact, Fixed have perfected the restaurant aesthetic so well that there's ample seating for couples, friends and family, as well as decorative posters and portraits around the wall; they also have some of the friendliest and efficient staff at Boxpark Croydon - service with a smile and fresh, hot food direct to your table.

So, what's on the menu?

Well, firstly, it's worth mentioning that aside from quality food, there are quality bargains to be had too. Monday to Friday, between 11:30am and 5:30pm, Fixed will serve you up 2 courses for just £10! So that's a mains and starter or a mains and dessert for just £10. And what a menu it is too!

Personally, I'm of the opinion that food doesn't have to be fancy or complicated to be good. No, I think that the best food is often the simplest, and when simple is done to perfection, well, there's nothing better. Like the steak - Fixed's steak dish is truly special. It's cooked to your liking and beautifully tender, served with a delicious helping of garlic and tarragon butter. Top tip: pair the 8oz steak with a side of fresh cut chips with rosemary salt. Trust me.

If red meat doesn't take your fancy then fret not. Another dish that I cannot recommend highly enough is the crab, salmon and sea bass fishcakes (pictured). Now, when it comes to fishcakes there's SO many ways it can go wrong. They're often too dry, or they don't have enough fish, or they're lacking flavour, and sometimes they're just so damn potato-y that you wonder if it is, in fact, just a potato. But Fixed is different. Their fishcakes are made fresh and packed with delicious flavours that perfectly compliment instead of overpower. Plus, these fishcakes absolutely do not have the consistency of a dried-out Brillo pad. Nope, these little beauties are closer in texture to a fresh omelette and the smoked lemon aioli is the perfect accompaniment - you know, as well as chips.

For you vegetarians, the grilled goats cheese salad is an absolute winner, brimming with wholesome and fresh ingredients, like green beans, shallots, walnuts, roasted pumpkin seeds and more.

There's also a wonderfully simple but enticing selection of starters and desserts to choose from too. Plus, there's an impressive selection of French wines to pair with your meal, as well as beers, cider, tea, coffee and soft drinks.

Fixed is open 7 days a week at Boxpark Croydon and you can follow them online on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.