Eat. Kothu Kothu


2 Oct 17

Colombo is Sri Lanka's largest city. Located on the west coast of the island, this vibrant region is home to some of the country's most beautiful temples, as well as a large trading port and some of the finest food in the world.

Now, London can enjoy the authentic flavours of Sri Lanka - courtesy of Kothu Kothu.

Dhariny brought her menu to the capital in 2014 because she noticed that there weren't enough mouth-watering Sri Lankan offerings available. The secret to her incredible menu? Simplicity. The main dish, Kothu, is chopped roti mixed with egg, vegetables and a variety of spices, and then the curry, which is served up with mutton, chicken or vegetables. Now to say this feast is delicious would be an understatement. Kothu Kothu is a firm favourite amongst visitors far and wide, even the Boxpark staff love it. Kothu is arguably one of the most flavoursome offerings at Boxpark Croydon. The perfect blend of fresh ingredients, paired with the strong and fragrant curry sauce, makes for an epic bite of wholesome, traditional, Sri Lankan cooking.

In fact, tradition is a huge part of the Kothu Kothu experience. The food is cooked on a heated iron sheet and the cutting and mixing of the ingredients is done using two blunt metal blades. Fun fact: Kothu Kothu means 'chop chop' in Sri Lankan. There you go. You've learnt something today.

Kothu Kothu is a single unit restaurant which means that this meal is served to go, to enjoy in the large Boxpark dining space or to take home. It's so fully packed in that the heat holds for a good long while, which also makes this the perfect lunchtime takeaway. 

If you want to really bring out the stronger flavours of the dish then you can add fresh lime, chilli flakes and natural yoghurt to taste. Personally, I love the heat, so a perfect mix of chilli and yoghurt is absolutely heavenly. 

Kothu Kothu know how to look after their customers too. Aside from having your meal prepared fresh in front of your very eyes, they also have their very own loyalty card, which means you can rack up serious dining points and nab yourself a free box!

So, if you're considering your next Boxpark bite or if you have another restaurant to cross off in Boxpark Bingo, then prepare to be bowled over with the incredible food at Kothu Kothu.