Eat Like a Saint


15 Jan 18

January brings with it the tortuous annual reminder that, last month, we spent far too much money and ate far too much food. And, naturally, the quickest way to remedy this, or at least the latter, is to join a gym, count the calories and sacrifice all of the meals and snacks that you know and love.

But what if we told you that you can still eat smart without having to ditch the delicious from your life?

This month, Croydon’s popular Mexican eatery, Chilango, is running their Eat Like a Saint campaign; the the guilt-free salvation we’ve all been waiting for. The movement is comprised of four low calorie dishes. How low? Under 550 calories, low. Which, if you’re rationing your daily calories, means that you can enjoy a hearty and delicious Mexican meal, without doing any damage to your January goals. 

First up is the Vegan Box; because vegans need some low calorie love, too. At just 401 calories, this delightfully colourful offering is filled with all of the natural goodness you would come to expect from a healthy dish; with a dash of rice, salsa, salad, beans and a generous dollop of guacamole, what’s not to love?

Not for you? Need a little meat in your treat? Fret not, Chilango’s Protein Box (a meagre 488 calories) and Prawn Again Salad (537 calories) are guaranteed to offer some carnivorous satisfaction to your order. 

If you’re all about cutting the carbs then, you guessed it, Chilango have a lunchbox for that, too! The Low Carb Box is a multicoloured collection of low fat goodness that’s bound to leave you satisfied and even quell those monstrous carb cravings. The best part? It has the fewest calories of the entire Saint family, just 311!

So, whether your goal is to get in shape or to add some more nutrients into your diet, or you simply want to explore these new divine offerings, then Chilango is absolutely the place to be. You can dine smart with the Eat Like a Saint menu now at Boxpark Croydon!

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