Eat. Mud


28 Feb 17

Ok, don't actually eat mud. I mean, it may have some nutritional benefits but I wouldn't recommend it. No. Visit MUD the cafe instead. 

MUD started life in Tooting, south west London, and their reputation for serving up an incredible, fresh and flavoursome brunch has brought them a legion of loyal customers and fans.

They just have a knack of doing even the simplest of things really, really well. 

Coffee, for example, is something relatively simple. It's kind of hard to get it wrong and everybody has their personal preferences - black, milk before water, fresh beans, dry roast, enough sugar to rot your teeth; however you take it. But MUD just gets it so right. Their beans are roasted by the ethical, coffee-connoisseurs at Ozone, which means you get a steaming cup of freshness in every serving; to enjoy however you like it. And if coffee isn't your thing then you can enjoy a full selection of teas, fair trade soft drinks and even organic juices.

Then there's the food. 

Now, I'll admit, I don't often have breakfast but when I can find the time, I like to go ALL out. I love variety. Breakfast or brunch can be one of the most exciting meals of the day because there's so many delicious flavour combinations you can throw together. You can be healthy or you can be a little naughty OR you can do both.

A personal favourite from the MUD menu is the 'MUD Muffin'. Think of your bog-standard, go-to, fast food breakfast muffin. Ok, now completely forget everything you know. It's a fry up in a muffin, yes, but it's so much more than that. The quality of the ingredients and the expert way in which they're prepared really make the difference here. You've never had a pork patty with so much flavour or an egg yolk that oozes soooo perfectly. Seriously. This sexy little number also comes with a side of fried potato waffles and, hand on heart, you've never had a crispier, fluffier waffle in your life. In your life!

The dishes are mostly veggie friendly and if you want some added meat on your plate, there's a choice of bacon and salmon. The bread is sourdough, the avocado is ripe and the eggs are poached to perfection. Fancy something lighter? Grab a delicious and nutritious granola bowl! There is something for everyone and, to add to that, the atmosphere is warm and inviting. It feels like you're nestled in an idyllic hideaway...surrounded by amazing food. And isn't that the dream?

So, whether you want a laid-back brunch of a weekend or even a tasty pick-me-up before work, MUD is clearly the place to be.