Eat. Poptata


11 Feb 17

Potatoes are a vegetable. Which means that chips are practically a salad, right? Good, I’m glad we’re agreed. And just like a good salad, it’s important to get in the mix right. A bowl of lettuce does not for a good salad make and so, it could be argued, that some diced and fried potatoes don’t necessarily make good chips either.

Fortunately, Poptata are masters in potato wizardry (definitely a real thing) and they know the exact scientific formula, and it is science, for creating the perfect portion of potatoes. 

This stroke of genius began as a pop-up street food stall in London’s Portobello Market back in 2015. The idea was simple, create and serve a delicious combination of well-flavoured fries, cooked to perfection.

So, why is Poptata so damn good? What makes it stand out from your frozen oven fries or your fast food side order? The choice. There is SO much choice. From a selection of signature portions to their DIY offerings of dips, there’s something for everyone as you set about customising your small, regular or large stack of perfectly cooked fries.

You could go traditional and douse your fries in ketchup, mayo or BBQ sauce, or, you can push the boat out a little and try your potatoes with pink tartar sauce, curry ketchup, caramelised onions and mustard or even a whisky-based cocktail sauce. Plus, there’s so many more options to choose from.

It gets better! Not content with some big-flavoured condiments? Then take your order to the next level with a delicious and generous helping of cheese. Cheese! Cheesy chips! What could be better in the darkest and coldest months of the year? Nothing, that’s what.

A personal recommendation would be the incredible ‘Lucifer Fries’. These bad boys have a healthy smothering of grated cheese and a delicious topping of thick, tangy hot sauce.

So, whether you’re looking to have a warm and filling snack, a tasty side or even a meal of chips (because that’s what adults do, right?) Poptata is the go-to place at Boxpark Croydon for some proper fries!