Eat. Soft Serve Society


14 Mar 17

Whoever said that ice cream should come in three colours and only be served in a cone or a bowl was an idiot. A big stupid idiot. So, maybe nobody actually said that out loud but doesn’t it strike you as odd that so many places lack imagination when it comes to a good helping of ice cream? Dropping it alongside a brownie or topping it with whipped cream in a sundae just isn’t going to cut it these days.

So, it’s just as well that Boxpark Shoreditch is the proud home of the Soft Serve Society. These crazy kids are serving up beautiful, wild and innovative ice cream concoctions in East London and people cannot get enough.

It’s easy to see why – just take a look at them. If you’re anything like me and you’re partial to a bit of food porn, you’ll agree that Soft Serve has one of the sexiest Instagram accounts of all time.

The brilliant thing about Soft Serve is that the menu is relatively simple but the varieties are endless. There’s also something especially charming about feeling like you’re ordering a dessert from a traditional ice cream parlour.

It’s hard to recommend just any one dessert from Soft Serve as it really is down to personal preference…and how messy you’re prepared to get, but you really can’t go wrong with a freak shake. These things are monsters in the world of confectionary, ice cream, desserts, the works. They’re everything all at once. I’m a straight up dessert fiend, I won’t hide it, but when you really, really can’t decide what to get, a freak shake is the all-rounder.

The chocolate shake is a real crowd pleaser. It’s generally my go-to in the freak shake department and if you’ve had it too, you’ll know why. Otherwise, the Matcha Madness is a pretty unique experience. It’s an Asian inspired sweet treat with a wonderful selection of flavours and textures. No two bites are the same.

It’s also worth dropping by Soft Serve around major public holidays like Easter, Christmas and Halloween because you’re guaranteed to be treated to something extraordinary. Last year’s festive and spooky limited edition menu items were truly special.

Soft Serve is a great place to treat the kids when you’re pottering around East London but, in all honesty, you’ll enjoy it wayyy more than they will.