Eat. Sonita’s Kitchen


23 Apr 18

Now that the ridiculously unseasonal heatwave has departed, and we’re back to good old fashioned, chilly, dismal British weather, it’s high-time we look to some quality comfort food to ease our blues.

So you might favour in the direction of Sonita’s Kitchen.

Sonita’s passion for food started at a very early age; while her friends were out playing, Sonita was busy in the kitchen helping her aunties to chop and prepare, fusing flavours and aromas to create amazing dishes. 

“I was fascinated with the process of how these simple raw ingredients and spices would be carefully put together to create food bursting with flavour and some of the most wonderful aromatic dishes that I had ever tasted! This is where my love affair with culinary delights began!”

It was London’s lacklustre appetite for quality Indian food that inspired Sonita to take matters into her own hands – “The Indian food available does such an injustice to the wonderful aromas and flavours of true Indian home cooking. Our aim was to change this negative perception and to let people experience just how delicious true Indian cooking is!”

Sonita believes that the finest Indian faire isn’t found in curry houses or trendy restaurants – it’s found on the streets. Indian street food has had a massive surge in the UK. The authentic flavours are reminiscent of home-cooked food, and the bold combinations are melting hearts in the capital. Sonita uses her mother’s cooking techniques to create low-fat dishes that are absolutely packed with flavour. Everything is made fresh and the ingredients are ethically sourced, which adds to the quality of each bite.

Whether you’re vegan, veggie or meaty, there’s something for you. Roti wraps packed to the brim with fresh and tasty ingredients, or a delicious and hearty Punjabi curry box, this menu is the real deal. Picking any one dish would be a crime because they’re all so good. Don’t believe us? Just check out Sonita’s Instagram – yeah, bet your mouth is watering now!

So, there you have it, next time you’re at Boxpark Shoreditch be sure to drop into Sonita’s Kitchen and try some of the best Indian food that London has to offer.

Sonita’s kitchen is open 7 days a week. You can also follow her mouth-watering menu on Facebook and Twitter, too.