Eleven 11 Ten


24 Sep 18

This week, Well Versed will be joined by an extremely talented, albeit, unlikely trio - Nirel (NN), Jahsiah (J1) and De'Char (DC), or Eleven 11 Ten.

Nirel and Jahsiah are cousins and De’Char is their friend, but what is it about Eleven 11 Ten that makes them stand out from the crowd. Well, their group moniker also happens to be their respective ages. That's right, this trio has barely finished primary school.

DC started frequenting Scream Studio in November 2017 after seeing a performance from a couple of artists who took part in the Arts Award. After studying/working towards his own Arts Award, DC invited NN into the studio to get involved, too, which is when NN brought his little cousin, J1, along for the ride.

J1 already had a musical background of his own, having released a track on a popular British urban music channel.

NN got his name from his aunty. Nirel didn’t have a nickname for some time, so his aunty called him "No Name", which was eventually shortened to NN. Coincidently, his full name happens to be Nirel Nelson.

De'Char was shortened to DC because his mum didn't like calling out his full name in public for fear that someone might poach his unique family name.

Through the Arts Award, DC, NN and J1 learned how to write and produce their own tracks and so they decided to take it further and record. With the help of their executive producer at Scream Studio, SK, they have been able to complete a track from scratch that was recorded in just two hours.

You can catch Eleven 11 Ten at Boxpark Croydon with Well Versed on Wednesday 26 September from 7pm!