Euro 2020 Sweepstake Kit


25 May 21

The countdown to EURO 2020 is now on with 11 June being that day that it all kicks off in Rome with the Italians welcoming Turkey in the opening match.

We can’t wait for it all to begin at BOXPARK, where we will be showing matches throughout the tournament. Tickets are now on sale.

One thing you that you can’t go without in anticipation of the Euros is the obligatory entry into a sweepstake competition.

Whether it’s at work, home or at your local club, get you and pals to chuck some shrapnel into a pot and pick a team from the 24 taking part out of a hat. Now you have your second country.

All you have to do is print off this page, cut out the teams on the right with scissors, fold them up and chuck them in a hat.

Decide how much to charge to enter (say £2). Each time someone draws out a team, write their name in the space provided on the left of this page.

The winner of the tournament pockets the whole prize pot, or you could arrange a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize if you prefer.

So now you just need to find 23 others, or maybe allow everyone to pick 2 or 3 teams if your light on participants. 

Download your sweepstake kit here, print it off, cut out the teams and get going…

And finally… Good luck! (Especially if you draw North Macedonia).