12 Jun 23

Ben is a West Midlands raised, London living illustrator, Cartoonist & Founder of Draw my Town.

He has been drawing ever since he pulled that first crayon out of his nose and hasn’t stopped since. Ben specialises in fun, vibrant, surreal illustrations filled with imaginary characters each with their own backstories & personalities.

Ben began creating cartoon strips early on, and loves to bring characters to life whether it be drawing directly onto a wall, on paper or more recently in the digital world. The majority of works in this exhibition are mixed-media, whereby he will take a photograph and draw digitally over the top of it, creating a whole new world mixing the seemingly real and the lusciously surreal.

Every Saturday Ben can be found selling his artwork on Broadway Market, as well as ad-hoc markets on Portobello Road and Venn Street in Clapham. In the week he works mostly on commissioned work (customers tell him what to draw and he draws it) as well corporate work (drawing a companies staff in front of their building for example) and his artwork can be seen in many venues such as Hopper Coffee House, Picturehouse Cinemas, Tooting Market, St George’s Hospital, La Bouche Cafe and in his home-town in the Black Country.



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