EXHIBITION: Justyna Green


5 May 23

Justyna Green is an award-winning illustrator known for her captivating work portraying the raw realities of our lives. Evident in her works in an unwavering commitment to shedding light on the often-misunderstood realities of mental and physical health, particularly in the context of women's lived experiences.

She weaves real-life stories with bold colours, vibrant patterns and surreal motifs to create charismatic work that captures attention and allows the viewer to gain a new perspective on the ups and downs of their lives.
Nature of Perception is a project rooted in Justyna’s own fears and anxieties, shared by many.

With keen insight and sensitivity, Justyna captures the manifestation of these fears in the form of wild animals, including a tormented crocodile representing the fear of being hurt, a determined black cat (who thinks she’s a leopard) symbolising the fear of failure, and a towering mandrill embodying the weight of existential angst. Through her powerful storytelling and thoughtful symbolism, Justyna ultimately leads the viewer on a journey of self-discovery.