To comply with government guidelines, all visitors to BOXPARK must register their details to gain entry into our venues.

To do this, you must sign up to the BOXPARK Black Card.

You can do this prior to your visit by following the instructions below. You'll then receive a digital pass, which is compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay. An email version will also be sent to you.

On arrival, please present your digital BOXPARK Black Card for entry – via your email or digital wallet. We’ll then scan this and let you enjoy your visit to BOXPARK!

Please note that BOXPARK Black Card membership does not guarantee entry in the event that we are at capacity but is a requirement for entry.


Due to the new guidelines that came into force on Monday 14th September, we will only admit a maximum of 6 per group. 

Boxpark Croydon can be accessed at both the Dingwall Road entrance and the George Street entrance. There is also a lift situated between the George Street and East Croydon entrances to give you easy access to both floors at Boxpark Croydon.

Unfortunately there is no wheelchair access in Shoreditch due to ongoing problems with our service lift. We apologies for any inconvenience caused.

We love your pet pooches as much as you do but I’m afraid only guide dogs and assistance dogs are allowed inside the venues.

It depends which event you would like to attend. The majority of the performances, classes and workshops at Boxpark are free, however, we would still suggest that you register for a free ticket online at, to ensure you guarantee yourself a space.

There are also a number of events that we hold in partnership with other teams, like the popular Drum and Bass workout - Fight Klub, where you will be required to purchase a ticket. Keep an eye on the events page, on the Boxpark website, for a complete run-down of all upcoming events and the ticket buying options available.

Due to licensing admission to Boxpark Wembley on stadium days is for valid stadium ticket holders only. We cannot admit anyone that does not hold a ticket for the stadium event on that given day.

We believe everyone should be able to come in and enjoy themselves in whatever makes them feel great. You can keep it casual or get as dressed up as you like, it’s entirely up to you, however, there are a couple of restrictions that we ask you to respect:

  1. You are not permitted to wear your hood up anywhere within the venue.
  2. Please do not wear work clothes and tracksuits in the BOXBAR after 7pm on Friday and Saturday (Boxpark Croydon).
  3. On match days, you are not allowed to wear sports shirts or scarves inside the BOXBAR (Boxpark Croydon).

Hell no! This is 2020. That means no smoking and no vaping inside the venue under the covered areas. If you do wish to light up, there are two designated smoking areas on the upstairs terraces of Boxpark Croydon - the East Croydon entrance and the areas outside Yumn & The Breakfast Club. If you’re on the lower level, you are permitted to smoke outside the George Street and Dingwall Road entrances.

For Shoreditch, you can smoke upstairs in the designated open air spaces, and out the front along Bethnal Green Road.

Absolutely. These facilities can be located in both the upstairs and downstairs toilets at Croydon. In Shoreditch we have a disabled toilet and baby changing facilities, please ask a duty manager for more information when you visit.

BOXPARK is a family friendly venue up until 8pm. After 8pm anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian over the age of 25. You will require physical photo I.D to enter BOXPARK.

WE OPERATE A CHALLENGE 25 POLICY. If you are lucky enough to look under 25 then you will be asked to show identification at our bars. This will need to be a physical approved ID document

Of course you can! We just ask that all children under the age of 18 years old are always accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. Due to licensing we request all under 18's have left the site by 8pm.

Yes we do!

Boxpark Croydon - all waste streams are 100% diverted from landfill. None go to landfill, all waste is taken to an RDF plant at Mitchem and transported for Refuse Derived Fuel.

Boxpark Shoreditch - all waste considered not suitable for recycling goes to the London Energy Centre where it is incinerated to produce energy that is put back into the National Grid. Essentially, nothing ends up on a landfill.

More info here:

Boxpark Wembley - we are committed to, as far as reasonably practicable, reducing the environmental impacts if its business activities.

We aim to demonstrate leadership in environmental sustainability. This includes managing the environmental impact of the venue, integrating sustainability across all business activities, achieving efficiency improvements and aiming for environmental best practice.

Since the launch of Boxpark Wembley in 2018 we have been in close partnership with Veolia Environmental Services in order to implement an effective and robust Environmental Management System.

We are proud to call ourselves a ‘zero waste to landfill’ venue. We send all our recycling waste to a Materials Recovery Facility and our general waste to an Energy Recovery Facility.

The Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility is designed to remove recyclable waste from black bins and recover energy from what is left over. It significantly reduces the amount of waste that is sent to landfill.

The Energy Recovery Process

The Energy Recovery Facility operates 24/7 and operates well within the UK and EU standards for emissions to atmosphere.

When all the recyclables have been removed the remaining waste is burnt in carefully controlled conditions. The heat from the combustion process is used to turn water into steam. The steam then powers a turbine to generate electricity for export to the National Grid.

The ash (known as Incinerator Bottom Ash) that comes out of the end of the process, which can contain gravel-like remnants of glass, brick, stone, concrete and ceramics, are recycled into construction aggregate, which replaces quarried material in the production of asphalt and cement.

The gases from the boiler are extensively cleaned. This includes neutralising any acid gases, removing pollutants with ‘activated carbon’ and capturing fine particles with a fabric filter. The gas treatment residues are kept in enclosed storage on site and then disposed of safely at a licensed facility. 

Please help us to create the best Fanpark experience by adhering to our house rules:

  • Please ensure you maintain social distancing measures whilst on site. As a public venue, we are committed to providing a safe environment for everyone – the wellbeing of our customers, traders and staff remains our number one priority. 
  • We love football songs and chants but to prevent any potential risks associated with Coronavirus, we kindly ask you to refrain from raising your voice during your visit, however exciting it may get! 
  • Celebrate with style but please stay on the floor, our tables and chairs are for sitting only and don’t hold up well to being stood on.
  • It’s a beautiful game, please celebrate with your teammates and applaud with your opponents – we love football.
  • Boxpark is a family friendly site, please refrain from throwing things in the air, especially things made out of plastic, your shoes or your hopes and dreams. They hurt.
  • Your entry is conditioned upon a short search of your bags/person. We are really grateful for your assistance in securing everyone’s safety at our venue.
  • BOXPARK has a ZERO TOLERANCE Policy to: Racism, Anti-social behaviour, inciting hatred, abuse to our staff or fellow guests.
  • BOXPARK does not allow the following items into our sites: Laser devices, Knives/Weapons, Flares/Fireworks, Air Horns, Alcoholic beverages, Unsealed bottles, Illegal Substances.
  • We don't allow banners to be put up inside the venue, you are welcome to keep them in your bag but please refrain from putting them up on site.

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