Croydon on the Move


19 May 17

One of the perks to having a giant open space at the heart of Boxpark Croydon is that we’re able to do a lot with it. Whether it’s screening family classics at Christmastime or hosting the biggest artist in British music today. But lately, there’s been another type of event that’s gained serious momentum at Boxpark, and that’s the workout classes.

If fitness isn’t exactly your forte then maybe just the mere mention of a ‘workout’ makes you shudder and reach for a bar of chocolate. It’s ok, you’re not alone, but, at Boxpark Croydon, we’ve had the good fortune to work with two of the most innovative fitness groups around. And these guys have been turning fitness into fun for people of all ages and abilities.

First up, there’s the popular Sweatbox Sessions. These hour-long, full body sessions are specifically designed to help you get lean and build muscle. South London duo Ailish and Amy have specifically created their three-part workout regime to enable you to explore the various different aspects of a good workout. Their first class, in April, was the ‘Sweat’ session and this high intensity, cardio plan was designed to just that – make you sweat. The second course focussed on building Strength but the final session, next month, focusses on Speed. Set to pumping music, this final class will help you focus your agility, balance and coordination to deliver a Sweatbox style experience like no other. 

So, whether you’ve been following the three-part course or you’re new to the Sweatbox concept, there’s still time to book your spot at the Speed session in June.

The other fitness plan that’s been turning heads in Croydon is the arrival of the riotous Fight Klub. When Fight Klub is in town, you know it. They don’t just bring a high-intensity workout class, they bring the fun. Attendees benefit from improvements in their cardiovascular endurance, weight loss and muscular toning, all set to the high-energy, fun atmosphere of a nightclub. You’ll punch and kick your way to fitness with some of the most respected and legendary DJ’s setting the tone for your full-body workout. 

Last week’s participants were treated to high octane workout set from none other than Fabio & Grooverider! June’s visitors will get to experience Fight Klub’s ‘Summer of Love’ and get the blood pumping to a massive Jungle and DNB dance off that fuses boxing, kick boxing and Thai boxing. Unfortunately, tickets are now sold out for June’s event but, not to worry, we’ll have more Fight Klub sessions in the calendar for you throughout the year.

If you’ve ever wanted to get fit but you just can’t stand the thought of working up a sweat in your local gym, then Sweatbox and Fight Klub might just be what you’ve been looking for. Whether you’re a first-timer or a consummate professional, these workout events provide the perfect setting to enjoy a feel-good, high energy workout that delivers results and guarantees a lot of fun.