High Spirit Bags Pop-Up @BOXPARK Shoreditch


8 Mar 17

Next to take residency in our unit 26 pop-up is lifestyle and travel accessories brand 'High Spirit Bags'. They created the theft-proof bag. It is an award winning backpack that protects the user from pickpockets. This has been achieved by creating a simple patented zip design on the backpack, whilst maintaining their contemporary edge. We caught up with the High Spirit Team to find out more about their upcoming pop-up:

Tell us about who you are and what you do?

High Spirit was founded by two brothers John and Josh Okungbaiye from Hackney, London. The idea to invent the theft-proof bag came to us while we were on holiday in New York City. We noticed that tourists were wearing their backpacks on their front and were very paranoid about pickpocketing and we decided to re-invent the backpack in order to prevent pickpocketing and loss of the users items. As soon as we arrived in London we created the first prototype and patented the design. We then saw an opportunity to pitch our product to Richard Branson and we won the competition winning £5000 in start-up funding for our company. From there we were featured in press nationally and internationally and our business continued to grow. We then joined the Prince's Trust and this was significant in enabling us to further expand our business and operate efficiently whilst keeping our pulse on the current cultural and fashion trends. 


Which song best sums up your brand?

The best song that sums up our brand is 'Izzo' by Jay-Z. We kept hearing that song when we were in New York and it holds a lot of sentimental value in terms of reminding us of the beginnings of the brand. Also, our brand is very high energy, positive and streetwear luxury and the song really captures that feeling. 


What can we expect from your stay at BOXPARK?

During our time at Boxpark, there will be giveaways, competitions. We also plan to host an event at the store. We also plan to host a meet and greet with influencers and bloggers in line with our brand. We will also be showcasing our newest products from our collection.

Which piece from your current collection is your favourite?

It's so hard because it feels like being asked to choose your favourite child. We do love our new dragon range because it demonstrates our determination to always innovate whilst staying true to our design aesthetic.


What’s the best reason to come to Shoreditch for a shopping spree?

When you come to Shoreditch for a shopping spree you are guaranteed to find something rare and unique. It is the one place where you can be up close and personal to the art, profession and craft of individuals. While doing your shopping spree you will notice that every product or brand that you buy into will have an interesting story behind it.


What’s your top Shoreditch tip?

 Our top tip for Shoreditch is if you keep thinking about that amazing product after you have left the store. Go back and buy it before its too late. Someone else may come and buy it and the regret will haunt you!


What does the future hold for your brand?

The future is very bright and exciting for the growth of the brand. We are currently stocked in a few stores in Milan, Los Angeles and London. We aim to be stocked in more stores internationally. In 5 years time we aim to have our own flagship store in London.


You can catch High Spirit Bag's pop-up from Tuesday 14th - Sunday 19th March in unit 26 of BOXPARK Shoreditch!