Pop-up: SCHNITZ & CO


31 Oct 19

Schnitz & Co are taking over the Pop-up shop in BOXPARK Croydon, so we caught up with them to find out more about their brand.

Tell us about who you are and what you do?

Schnitz & Co. is a new concept coming to the UK. We are breathing a new contemporary life into old traditions and a globally popular food, the Schnitzel, whilst taking small cues from Austria and Vienna. The Schnitzel is hugely loved worldwide but there is nowhere in the UK where you can enjoy one until now. We’re a modern young brand, who take our food seriously whilst trying not to take ourselves too seriously.


What we do:

- Make the best Schnitzel! Took us 110 varieties to get there. Take that Heinz!

- Crunchy, tasty crumb & succulent, tender chicken.

- We toured Europe looking for the perfect Schnitzel and have since experimented with lots of crumbs and sauces. We’re launching with 4 of our favourite crumbs: The Classic Kaiser Crumb, a Super Seeded Crumb with pumpkin, sunflower and chai seeds, a Chilli Taco which packs a punch and Gluten Free.

- We also developed Vegan Schnitzels using in-season vegetables, and regularly rotate two at a time from Butternut Squash, Aubergine, Courgette, Beetroot and Celeriac.

- All are complimented with a great range of fresh, healthy & seasonal sides (made from scratch every day), sweet potato fries and skin-on posh rustic fries.


Which song best sums up your Schnitz & Co.?

It’s a terrible song, and we’re not Austrian themed at all, but it has to be ‘The Schnitzel Song’….Good luck getting it out of your head for the rest of the day though!


What can we expect from your stay at BOXPARK Croydon?

Lots of schnitzel love!


Which item from your current menu is your favourite?

We all really love the Schnitzel Trays, they nicely fill you up but you don’t feel at all heavy or lethargic afterwards. My personal favourite is the Seeded Kaiser Crumb, two fresh sides and a good squeeze of Lingonberry sauce. For the two sides….1) The Austrian Potato Salad is completely different to any Potato Salad normally served in the UK, there’s no mayo, it’s white wine vinegar-based, so is much healthier and you get a lot of flavour into the potatoes. 2) Then the Cucumber Salad is so light and refreshing and really cuts through the Schnitzel. I then always finish it off with some of our Great Taste award-winning pistachio and hazelnut Gelato.


What do you enjoy most about Croydon? 

In the short time we’ve spent here we’ve really felt welcomed by the people. We want to give a little bit back during our stay in Croydon, so every Sunday for any Vegan item ordered we’ll be donating 50p to a local Croydon charity. We’re also working with food kitchens, shelters and the Croydon refugee centre to provide Schnitzel Christmas dinners in December for people who might not otherwise be able to have one.


What does the future hold for Schnitz & Co.?

 After running our two month pop-up kitchen we hope to start opening permanent sites to bring the Schnitzel and our in-house crumbs and sauces to London and the UK. The Schnitzel is really versatile and we have lots of fun crumbs (sourdough, pretzel, corn flakes, rye bread) and different meats (pork, turkey, game) already developed alongside some Ottolenghi style sides to wash them down with. We want to bring great value, fresh and healthy food served by happy staff in a fast-casual setting.