Jack Ede Exhibition


2 Mar 17

Jack Ede is just 21 years old but his passion for his art is quite unique. 

Ede is a self-taught photorealism artist. His insurmountable dedication to honing and crafting his skills is shown in the incredible detail he applies to every single image. Jack is moved by the unique qualities in people from all around the world, from a variety of cultural backgrounds. His art demonstrates our striking similarities and our beautiful differences that make us who we are as humans.

EDE uses Faber-Castel, pan pastel and Prismacolor pencils on smooth bristol board to capture the tiniest of details in his subjects and his goal is to inspire others in the same way that he has been inspired by the likes of Michael Zavros and Ayo Filade.

‘I want people to feel inspired and motivated from seeing and understanding that everything I’ve achieved so far was done through trial and error and thousands of hours perfecting my craft’

Now Jack brings his beautiful work to Boxpark Shoreditch for a month-long exhibition focussing on the connection of people from all walks of life. His work celebrates the beauty and individuality of an array of cultures from around the world.

Ede's exhibition can be viewed throughout March on the top deck at Boxpark Shoreditch.