Spotlight: Lisa Maffia & Romeo


10 Feb 18

For all you UKG heads, we've got something BIG in store for you this week. Nokia Times returns to Boxpark Croydon for a Valentine's Special that throws it back, all the way back. And you can't go back to the Nokia times without a little So Solid; so it's just as well we've got a double helping on the way. On Thursday 15 February, our very own BoxBar will come to life with the legendary sounds of Lisa Maffia and Romeo. We caught up with them to find out more.

For anyone who's been living under a rock the past two decades, tell us who you are and what you do.

Romeo: My name is Romeo and I am a singer, artist and performer from a group you might know called So Solid Crew.

Lisa Maffia: I am So Solid Crew’s 'First Lady' and lover of UKG, and I absolutely cannot wait to perform live at Boxpark Croydon!

What can ticket holders expect from you both at Nokia Times?

R: Everyone can expect good vibes and good energy. 

LM: Absolutely, a bloody great performance, too; we're going to take you on a journey through the 90s old skool garage classics. I’ll even take you back to the beginning of Lisa Maffia.

You've been performing together for a long time, what's the secret to the success of your partnership?

R: The secret is simple - just enjoy it.

LM: We have so many songs together that it just comes easy, plus we love what we do.

R: It's important to have fun whilst performing.

LM: Romeo is there for the ladies, I’m there for the guys. 

Do you ever wind each other up when you're touring?

R: All the time, ha-ha!

LM: My favourite thing to do is make Romeo jump out of his skin by shouting loud when he is sleeping, ha-ha!

How has the British music scene evolved since you both started out?

LM: So, so much. We didn’t have the internet when we started, so it was a real hard slog to success but now we can connect with old skool garage heads in a matter of seconds. I love it!

R:  The British music scene has evolved for the better. So many great new and exciting things have happened throughout the years, and I'm glad to have witnessed it all. Seeing all new artists evolve and tackle new heights, makes me PROUD to say I’m British.

What have been some of your personal career highlights to date?

R: There’s been loads - the BRIT Awards, MOBOs, album going 8x platinum; then there's the celebrity tv shows.  I'm just grateful for all the experiences, eternally thankful. 

LM: There's Glastonbury 2017, shooting for Vogue and winning a MOBO. And I hope playing at Boxpark will be another highlight for us.

What does 2018 have in store for you both? 

LM: Lots of music! I have my own festival called Shard Festival in Birmingham, and my own show called Certified on Sky, Virgin and freeview. My own show on YouTube called The Ghetto Cab out now! 

R: More shows, more music, and loads more experiences. 

Even after all these years, '21 Seconds' can still set a crowd off. That must be a good feeling, right?

LM: Such a great feeling, it takes me back every time. G-Man came up with the concept that every artist will get 21 seconds; never did I think it would be this big and appreciated. Well done G-Man 

R: It’s amazing to see different generations still reacting to it in the same way as when it first came out. 

What song always makes you want to dance?

LM: Little man - S.i.A

R: Rihanna makes me wanna dance!

What was the last song you listened to?

LM: Woman Trouble!

R: Lisa Maffia - ‘Don’t Break My Heart'

You can catch Lisa and Romeo at Nokia Times: Valentine's Special, this coming Thursday, at Boxpark Croydon. Click here to register for your FREE ticket.