Lonely Planet @ BOXPARK Shoreditch 8/11-20/11/16


3 Nov 16

We have Lonely Planet with us for a TWO week photography exhibition in our unit 26 pop-up. Their team explain what’s to be expected below:


Tell us about who you are and what you do?

Lonely Planet is the world’s leading travel media company, inspiring and informing travellers since 1973. Over the past four decades, Lonely Planet has cultivated a dedicated traveler community and printed more than 130 million books in 13 different languages to almost every destination on the planet. Along with guidebooks and ebooks to almost every destination on the planet, Lonely Planet offers compelling travel content across an award-winning website, gift and reference books, magazine, apps, video and more.

 Visit us at lonelyplanet.com, and join us on Facebook (facebook.com/lonelyplanet), Twitter (@lonelyplanet) and Instagram (instagram.com/lonelyplanet).

And if you want to kick-start the travel bug in children, Lonely Planet Kids brings the world to life for young explorers everywhere. Want to know where you can ride a dodo? Find underground cows? Find out how cities work or uncover the secrets of The Amazon? Lonely Planet Kids will explain all this and more!

 Visit lonelyplanetkids.com and join us on Facebook (facebook.com/lpkidstravel) and Twitter (@lpkids).


Which song best sums up your brand?

That’s easy – years ago Lonely Planet founders Tony and Maureen Wheeler were listening to Joe Cocker’s song Space Captain, which starts out with these lyrics:

Once while travelling across the sky
This lovely planet caught my eye
And being curious I flew close by
And now I’m caught here
Until I die…

They misheard the ‘lovely planet’ line as ‘lonely planet’, and when time came to name their company, it stuck. As being a curious traveller is what Lonely Planet is all about, this has to be the song that best sums us up.

 What can we expect from your stay at @BOXPARK?

 Lonely Planet will be taking visitors on a journey across the world through a selection of stunning photography from new The Travel Book, in a pop-up photography exhibition. The exhibition will feature a series of photos from around the world, every one of which is guaranteed to fill visitors with wanderlust.

As well as the exhibition, we will have The Travel Book and a select range of Lonely Planet books for sale, all at 20% off, and we are also installing a giant colouring wall which we will be asking visitors to bring to life through colour.

For keen travel photographers and aspiring travel bloggers, we’ll be hosting events on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th November, and on 19th and 20th November, our pop-up is being taken over by Lonely Planet Kids. It will be transformed into a fun-filled adventure across the world for families, with a giant cityscape for children to turn into a colourful city, fun travel-inspired activities for children to get involved with, including a cities-themed poetry workshop, all aimed towards kick-starting the travel bug and opening children’s eyes and minds to the world around them.

We’ll also have a selection of our Lonely Planet Kids books for sale at 20% off across the weekend.


Which piece from your current collection is your favourite?

Lonely Planet’s Pop-Up Photography Exhibition at BOXPARK will showcase some of the most incredible photographs from the new edition of our bestselling The Travel Book. With 230 countries and 850 images, The Travel Book takes a journey through every country in the world and featuring details on when to visit, what to see and do, and how to learn more about the country’s culture from its film, music, food and drink. Some of us love the photographic portraits of people which capture a moment in their everyday lives, others prefer the breathtakingly beautiful landscape photographs or vibrant street photography – we really can’t choose one favourite!


Which current @BOXPARK brand are you most excited about appearing alongside and why?

 We’re really excited to be appearing alongside STA Travel, who we often partner with and who are just a few doors down. We see this as a great combination – come to our exhibition and get inspired, then go into the STA Travel pop-up to speak to their travel experts and make your dream trip a reality!


What’s the best reason to come to Shoreditch for a shopping spree?

Lonely Planet helps people discover and explore new places across the world but why not discover what’s on your own doorstep? Shoreditch is filled with creative frisson that will help inspire you to keep on exploring the world around you.


What’s your top Shoreditch tip?

Lonely Planet’s James Smart, Destination Editor for Great Britain gives us his top tips for Shoreditch:

Shoreditch buzzes at weekends, and whether it’s Saturday night along Curtain Rd or Sunday’s market on Brick Lane, half the fun is just being here, soaking it up. For a more laid-back experience, wander the side streets and alleys in the middle of the week – you can shop on Redchurch St, sip a pint at the Barley Mow or gaze on William Blake’s tombstone in Bunhill Fields.


You can catch the Lonely Planet pop-up from Tuesday 8th November – Sunday 20th November 2016 in unit 26 of BOXPARK Shoreditch