Lunch at Yumn


2 Jun 17

Yumn is no stranger to Croydon. In fact, their fine dining menu has been making waves in South Croydon's Restaurant Quarter for two years, but when it comes to dishing up quality meals at Boxpark, Yumn have taken a completely different approach.

Their exquisite, yet minimalist, dine-in options are perfectly suited to anyone wanting to catch that cosy, escapist restaurant vibe; when you step into Yumn you definitely don't feel like you're sitting inside refitted shipping containers. The atmosphere is truly unique at Boxpark Croydon and everything from the customer service, the decor, the food and the legendary cocktails come together perfectly to deliver a memorable experience.

So, it's safe to say that Yumn certainly has somewhat of a fan club already but what about those diners who are looking to enjoy Yumn's fantastic menu on-the-go? Perhaps you're on your lunch break or you'd rather make good use of this beautiful summer weather in the outdoor decking space. Whatever your reasons, you'll be pleased to hear that Yumn has recently launched their insatiable 'Outside the Box' menu.

You can now enjoy all the textures, flavours and the beautiful presentation you would come to expect from Yumn but in a whole new way.

This first-rate menu is a refreshing take on surprisingly simple and practical lunchtime dishes but it's still absolutely bursting with that trademark Yumn touch.

First up - the sandwiches. What screams 'lunch' more than a sandwich? These aren't of your standard ham and cheese or tuna and sweetcorn variety; these are something else. You can go classic with the full-flavoured Pastrami Club or keep it light and fresh with the popular Chicken Club Stack. Vegetarian? Fret not, the equally delicious Avocado Club has you covered, and all of these sandwiches are served up with fresh-made green pepper coleslaw and fries. If you want your sandwich to pack a little more of a punch then you can do no wrong with a stacked ciabatta with your choice of a chicken or buffalo mozzarella tomato filling.

Next up is the delicious new lunchtime fish menu. These dishes are the perfect accompaniment to your summer palate. The Seafood Fritto Misto, with haddock, salmon and prawn, is divine and it's served with fries and a crisp red onion salad. If you prefer a your fish with a little tang then the Salmon Croquettes are a sure-fire winner; they're plated up with cucumber pickled ginger and a green avocado salsa. You can even keep your fish preferences traditional with the crisp fried fish and jacket potato chips, paired beautifully with a drizzle of fresh sour cream and that tasty pepper 'slaw.

If you're dining in a group and you're a little undecided then you'll be pleased to hear that Yumn's new lunch menu also includes a selection of sharing dishes at great value for money. The sharers include everything from lamb kofta to grilled halloumi, chicken satay to grilled aubergine, as well as the delicious chicken tandoori skewers with mint cucumber and yoghurt raita.

So, if you're used to sampling Yumn's dishes and drinks once the sun has gone to bed, then maybe it's time to experience something new with their 'Outside the Box' menu available at Boxpark Croydon.