12 Sep 17

Next up in our unit 26 pop-up unit is Portuguese lifestyle brand Lusophile. They'll be here selling homeware, clothing and accessories. We caught up with their team to find out more on the brand:


Tell us about who you are and what you do?

Lusophile is a Portuguese lifestyle brand that aims to become a destination for those seeking unique and high quality items in homeware, fashion and design, but lacking the time or the know-how to source these pieces individually. The store features products designed and made exclusively in Portugal, where the makers are combining traditional techniques with contemporary style. We currently have a collection of 17 different brands and are aiming to expand over the coming year. Most of the brands are small, independent labels or family-run businesses where a huge focus is placed upon the quality of the craftsmanship and the personal nature of the business. With Portugal becoming an increasingly popular destination, there has never been a better time to bring Portuguese design into the spotlight.


Which song best sums up your brand?

The album ‘Xinti’ by Cape Verdean singer Sara Tavares is always playing while I work – it’s easy listening, reminds me of holidays and puts me in the Portuguese mindset. I particularly like Só d’Imagina. The music is calm and thoughtful, which is what we are trying to create at Lusophile, but aesthetically rather than musically.


What can we expect from your stay at BOXPARK?

You can expect a one-week snapshot of ‘Portuguese lifestyle’ and the chance to discover some of the incredible design work originating from a country whose potential many people are unaware of. Our stay will also be coinciding with the London Design Festival, so the fact that we will be featuring innovative and on-trend design pieces will be appealing to anyone visiting the area from a design perspective, whether that be fashion, interiors or product.

Which piece from your current collection is your favourite?

I love the rugs by GUR – they are all handmade on a traditional handloom and each design is the result of collaboration with different artists. This means that the collection is constantly evolving and they have some beautiful patterns and colours. GUR’s rugs are becoming incredibly popular and are appearing in boutique hotels and stores across Portugal and abroad! If I had to pick one, it would be the Toldo rug.


What’s the best reason to come to Shoreditch for a shopping spree?

Personally, I can’t shop without eating. I need the fuel! I love Shoreditch because, in addition to a huge range of shops, you can get great food at the same time. It’s the perfect destination for shopping with friends because there are shops for everyone to suit different tastes and budgets.


What’s your top Shoreditch tip?

If you prefer a quieter shopping experience (as I do), head over to Shoreditch late morning. I like browsing the shops before it gets too busy and then meeting a friend for lunch.


What does the future hold for your brand?

The goal is to create a signature ‘Lusophile’ collection of pieces designed by me. In terms of fashion, these would be wardrobe essentials made using natural materials. For interiors, it would be great to design some staple homeware pieces that have a Portuguese touch – reminding people of the terracotta rooftops, cobbled streets and sandy shores. Given that Lusophile is a lifestyle brand, I would like to have a shop/café/venue space in order to bring Portuguese food and music into the equation. Dreams at the moment but hopefully one day!


You can catch Lusophile's pop-up from Tuesday 19th - Sunday 24th September in unit 26 of BOXPARK Shoreditch!