2 May 18

Lightsabers at the ready, folks; something Wookie this way comes.

If you think May is all about that tired old Justin Timberlake meme then, kiddo, you couldn't be more wrong. This Friday marks a very special day for all things Jedi as we gear up for Star Wars Day.

Star Wars has a day?? Hush, young Skywalker, and let me explain.

If you haven't already clocked it, the iconic "may the force be with you" sounds a helluva lot like May the 4th, and so an anniversary was bestowed upon this legendary intergalactic franchise. This tribute to absolute Star Wars fandom is even officially recognised by Lucasfilm, the studio behind the series. 

Each year, fans hold movie marathons, dress up as their favourite characters, go ham on social media, and even enjoy some sweet Star Wars related online discounts. Not to be outdone, we figured Boxpark ought to get in on the action too, and so this Friday, from 5pm, we're having some out of this world guests drop in to meet and greet the fans. 

Now it's unclear whether south London's extraterrestrial visitors will arrive in the ship that made the Kessell Run in less than 12 parsecs...or they may just use a bus, like the rest of us, but one thing is certain, these guests are sure to delight visitors of all ages with their May the 4th antics.

So be sure to bag your place at Boxpark Croydon this Friday evening as we celebrate Star Wars Day - do or do not, there is no try.