6 Aug 17

One of the most popular social media movements of 2017 is #MeatFreeMonday. 

Whether you're vegetarian, vegan or you just can't put down that hamburger, it doesn't matter; Meat Free Monday is the dietary trend that's making huge waves for all the right reasons. Not only are there obvious health benefits to replacing processed or red meat with more fruit and veg, but there are also a number of other great perks too. The UN's former top climate scientist, Rajendra Pachauri, stated that, "People should consider eating less meat as a way of combating global warming. UN figures suggest that meat production puts more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than transport". Plus, you can't deny the animals would be better off too.

So, what are the options available to you #MeatFreeMonday-ers at Boxpark?

Boxpark Shoreditch houses a number of quality eateries that can provide any number of delicious meatless meals but, perhaps most famously, it's the original home of Cook Daily.

Cook Daily is London's go-to vegan eatery. It's established itself as the meat-free menu because of the sheer variety, quality and colour in each and every dish. If you don't know it by now then, really, what have you been doing with yourself. WHERE have you actually been? Never mind, there's still time. You can still be saved. I'll level with you, I'm no vegan, as much as I love animals, all of them, even the scary ones - looking at you octopus - but I can't quit the chicken. Nevertheless, I LOVE Cook Daily. I love each and every item on that menu and I'm not the only one. Cook Daily's legendary bowls have brought in a legion of fans and some famous faces too - including JME and Professor Green. 

So, what's on the menu? You can view the full menu online and see for yourself but you may have a hard time choosing. That's fair, you're only human. And there's more good news - Cook Daily can also be found at Boxpark Croydon (re-opening in September).

Falafelicous is another great trader at Boxpark Shoreditch serving up delicious meat-free meals. Falafel are delicious balls of tasty, veggie goodness from the Middle East, traditionally made with chickpeas and fava beans. Falafelicious remain true to these origins and use a family-held recipe that has been passed down through generations - and, boy, are they tasty! You can enjoy your falafel in a tasty pitta or as a fresh and wholesome salad, where all of the flavours come together to deliver a crisp and tasty meal that is guaranteed to leave you satisfied.

What the Pitta is the home of London's tastiest vegan döner kebab. They initially set up shop at The Pump in Shoreditch before moving south of the river to Boxpark Croydon. Now, you can find What the Pitta at both Boxpark Shoreditch and Croydon - you lucky devils. Their mission is to bring healthy and delicious food to the people of London and they're succeeding in every way. The days of craving a meat-filled kebab after a night out are out of the window, it's all about the vegan döner.

Boxpark Croydon's Feed Me Primal gets a worthy and honourable mention as a great meat-free option because it holds the unique position of not only being the only paleo restaurant at Boxpark, but also the UK's only paleo street food trader. Paleo means natural - so, no food nasties, basically, the food our prehistoric ancestors would have eaten; only what was available to them, nothing processed. So while Gemma Callander's delicious menu may include some delicious meat dishes, the veggie option is absolutely worth a purchase because it comes with an assortment of tasty and natural flavours and ingredients.

Like most restaurants today, you can find a vegetarian and vegan option pretty much everywhere in Boxpark and so it would be insane for me to literally name them all. You'd lose interest and I'd be writing this into Tuesday and there is no #MeatFreeTuesday - it's not as catchy. But, if you're true to the cause and looking to try something delicious, nutritious and environmentally friendly then you can find it all under one roof at Boxpark.