Movie Mondays – Notting Hill


24 Aug 18

The Bank Holiday weekend is finally upon us!

Frankly, every weekend should be three days long; two days is barely enough time to get on top of your life admin, let alone meet up with friends and family. So, this weekend, you can do all the things, including chilling with us for our carnival inspired Movie Monday.

If you can’t make it to Notting Hill Carnival this weekend then maybe you can make it to the screening of Notting Hill. Okay, the soundtrack might be wildly different to the carnival itself, and I’m pretty sure you won’t find Hugh Grant or Julia Roberts chowing down on some of the best Caribbean food in the world, but the movie somewhat of a British classic, and the perfect flick to unwind to on a day off work.

Yes, classic. If you can believe it, this movie is almost 20 years old! Feel old yet? So do we.

Struggling bookshop owner, William Thacker (Hugh Grant) has his world thrown into romantic turmoil when American superstar Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) drops into his shop and complicates his simple life. This Richard Curtis romp is sweet, heart-warming and packed with funny moments.

As well as the big screen entertainment there’s our usual incredible food traders serving up delicious dishes for your dining pleasure, and a selection of fantastic beverages available from our bar.

What could be better?

Click here to book your free ticket. Please note that under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.