National Burger Day

21 Aug 17

Back in 1847, kitchens on the Hamburg-America shipping line made one of the most significant moves in modern food – simply by serving a chunk of Hamburg steak between two slices of bread. Though the exact origins are a little fuzzy, this is one of the most compelling stores behind how one of the world’s favourite fast foods came to be.

The clearer fact is this: We. Love. Burgers. So much that, exactly 170 years on from the date of their supposed invention, we’re all dedicating a day each year to the humble patty and bun.

On the 24th August – yup, that’s this Thursday – hundreds of burger-slinging outlets across the country will be dialling down their usual menu prices. All so we can join in on the celebrations (read: mass burger-eating) without having to dive too deep into our back pockets.

Of course, there’ll be the Boxpark trader or two among them. Porky’s in Boxpark Shoreditch are, for all you barbecue fiends out there, offering 20% off their Memphis-style burgers – rib tips, beer cheese, double patties, onion rings n’ all. As finalists for this year’s National Burger Awards, they must be doing something right, right?

One of London’s biggest favourites will be up to no good too – Meat Liquor’s classic dirty US comfort food is getting 20% off at Boxpark’s Croydon outpost. Meaning you’ll be able to get the French’s mustard-fried Dead Hippie; or the chicken, hash brown, and slaw-stuffed Tower Block burger (among others) in your face for under £7.

That’s a mighty far cry form the ol’ steak sandwich from 170 years past. But hey, it’s amazing what a century and a half of refinement does to you. Dig in!

To get your 20% off voucher for either Porky's or Meat Liquor click here! Also we've got a whole host of traders in Croydon who serve up delicious burgers, we're asking you to vote for who has the best by uploading a picture of the best burger you've had here! Don't forget to tag the vendor & @boxparkcroydon, you might just win something!