Nicky Blackmarket


26 Jul 17

Tomorrow, Boxpark Croydon is proud to welcome the legendary Nicky Blackmarket for what is guaranteed to be an unforgettable night in the BoxBar.

For over two decades, Nicky has been revolutionising and pioneering the sounds of Drum ‘n’ Bass for listeners the world over. His sets are the stuff of legend and his reach throughout the genre is unprecedented. So, it’s little wonder that we wanted Nicky on board for a massive DnB night at Boxpark Croydon.

Nicky’s influences in music came at a young age when he would listen to his mother’s Jazz albums. His own interests inspired his creativity and the fluidity with which he experimented with different tracks across different genres. As a teenager, Nicky was DJing at youth clubs in London – where he was able to meet and collaborate with a range of DJ’s and producers, which eventually lead him to Blackmarket Records in 1990.

Nicky’s involvement with the iconic Blackmarket Records (later BM Soho) helped to propel UK dance music to new levels and reinvigorate the London club scene. The store stood strong for an impressive 27 years (1988 – 2015) before it sadly closed its doors, but its legacy lives on in the sounds that were shared and created. Its reputation was founded in the quality of the vinyl available to customers and the catalogue of tracks available. Not only was it a leading record store but it was famously kitted out with top notch sound system, with DJ’s at the decks regularly spinning and sampling new tracks.

Nicky worked out of a separate department beneath Blackmarket Records that catered specifically to Breakbeat vinyls – a move that would eventually lead towards the movement of Drum ‘n’ Bass.

Throughout the 90’s, Nicky’s career expanded and evolved as he began producing his own records and performing on radio shows and regular club nights. The explosion of Jungle into the DnB movement will forever be a career defining moment and one that will live on in infamy.

Today, Nicky is still as involved as ever and continues to DJ throughout the UK and at festivals around the world.

This Thursday, Nicky will be joined for his sell-out event by Voltage, Profile and many more as he celebrates the history of Jungle and DnB at Boxpark Croydon.