Pancake Day!


9 Feb 18

Batter, butter, better

Did you know it’s pancake day on Tuesday? No? I. Guess. Some. Things. Just. Crêpe. Up. On. You.

If you’re a crêpe purist like me, don’t pretend this will be about more than that timeless ol’ partnership of lemon and sugar.

Beyond that, things start to get a little extra-ordinary on Pancake Day. YO! have something special on, figuratively Frisbee-ing their first 100 dorayki sweet pancakes for free into the mouths of anyone willing. Meanwhile, their neighbours Carioca will be seducing Croydon’s populace with their their dulce de leche and banana pancakes, as per usual, but at the reduced price of £5.50.

And look. Here comes The Breakfast Club and Coqfighter. Both stepping under the ropes, and into the ring, tag-team style, before delivering a devilish one-two of Breakfast Club’s fluffy pancake stack maple butter, and Coqfighter’s Korean fried chicken with kimchi. Knock. Out.

Of course, Breakfast Club have their own routine in this pancake parade. For them, every day is pancake day. But this’ll involve a little more indulgence. Think you can put away 12 pancakes in as many minutes? Then punch another hole in that belt and take up BC’s challenge. Succeed and you’ll eat free. Fail and you’ll pay full whack, with profits helping fund BC’s volunteering program. Do we call that a win-win?

As far as competition goes, that’s not it – YO! are hosting a couple of Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) races. One at lunch; one at dinner. Prize for the winners: a £25 YO! gift card. National Pancake Day? This Tuesday could be more like National ‘Pride-at-stake’ Day.