Shop: Papersmiths


25 Jul 17

There is such a thing as stationery porn. I know, you've probably never actively Googled it or had an open and honest discussion with your partner about it but, I swear, it is a thing. It's that warm, reassuring feeling you get when you see a collection of perfectly arranged coloured pencils; it's seeing evenly stacked notebooks and knowing that everything is good and right in the world; it's finding that pen that turns your dull scrawl into an inked masterpiece.

You know that feeling. It's a good feeling.

That's what Papersmiths do. They deliver that good feeling every single day. 

Papersmiths started life in Bristol in 2013 with a view to celebrating a love of exquisite stationery and inspiring the inner creative within its customers. And they did. The brand has grown through a selection of beautiful products that connect to the buyer and enable them to curate and design and write and experiment with any kind of tool, material, colour and sticker they could possibly want or need.

If you're also a stationery freak then you'll find it easy to blow your pocket money at Papersmiths. Their products both online and in store at Boxpark Shoreditch are beautiful. Personally, I'm madly in love with their range of journals but there's also so much more to choose from. There are spellbinding travel guides, gorgeous photography books, film and music compendiums, pencil cases, candles, greetings cards, sketchbooks - you name it!

Those who think that the days of handwritten letters and keeping a journal are dated couldn't be more wrong. Papersmiths have driven their passion into preserving and celebrating the wonderful and creative art of writing, drawing and creating personalised sketches, paintings, letters, cards, diaries and notes. 

So head to Boxpark Shoreditch and unleash your visionary skills with Papersmiths.

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