Pasta Di Rocca


5 Mar 18

2018 has already been a year of change at Boxpark Croydon. Your daily sumptuous offerings of worldwide cuisines continues to evolve with the helping hand of Pasta Di Rocca.

This incredibly sexy eatery is bringing the food of the gods to your palate with a delectable menu of authentic and flavoursome Italian dishes. By way of some of the region’s most gorgeous landscapes, you can wine and dine on freshly made pasta, fragrant and creamy sauces and delicious tipples.

Pasta may be in the title but it’s not the only thing on the menu. There literally is something for everyone because, aside from a range of decadent specials, there’s arancini, salads, calamari, Cotoletta Alla Milanese, and even vegan bruschetta!

It’s always too hard to select any one amazing dish from our awesome selection of traders at Boxpark but, if we’re really pushed for Pasta Di Rocca then it’s going to have to be any of the incredible pasta dishes. Now that might seem a little cliché given the range of tasty offerings on the menu but, if you’re a legitimate cheese fanatic then these pasta plates will not leave you disappointed. We’ve seen it time and time again – restaurants that feature mouthwateringly cheesy mains but don’t deliver the cheddar. At Pasta Di Rocca you can cheese up your pasta to your heart’s content. No joke, plaster that edible gold on; it’s the perfect pairing.

Not to be outdone on the selection of special offers available at Boxpark, Pasta Di Rocca want you to be able to enjoy a hearty meal and a refreshing beverage at unbeatable value. That’s why you can order any pasta dish and a cool Birra Moretti for only £8.50, seven days a week. How can you possibly say no to that?

So, if you’ve sampled everything that Boxpark has to offer (so far) then maybe it’s time to drop into Pasta Di Rocca for your fix of fresh Italian fare.

Pasta Di Rocca is open 7 days a week at Boxpark Croydon. You can follow them online on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram