Pop-up: 1FIGURES


12 Apr 22

We are delighted to welcome 1FIGURES to BOXPARK Shoreditch for a week-long pop-up out of unit 21.

We caught up with founder Chris to find out more about this brand.

Tell us about yourself...

Blessings, my name is Chris Figures. From Hackney, I have been passionate about streetwear, for as long as I have known. Watching all my elder cousins, in their great pieces or watching my elder friends on the estate with their Avirex, Akademiks and Lot29. I began designing and creating clothes from age 14. I had numerous small brands that did really well in that era of time. I was always interested in the process more than the product, seeing how these interesting pieces came alive. I began creating 1FIGURES in 2014, through several personal avenues, music being one of them. Fast forward nearly eight years now! the brand is thriving and is becoming staple within the UK Streetwear culture, with plans to branch out worldwide.

Which song best sums up your brand?

Frenzy - Coming Home

What can we expect from your stay at BOXPARK?

Consumers can expect, expertly put together pieces. From a brand with a meaning, much larger than many understand. We will have an array of our favourite products on sale!