Pop-up: ART AI LTD


17 Aug 21

Joining us in unit 18 at BOXPARK Shoreditch this week is ART AI LTD.

Artifly is an innovative app offering custom-made artificial intelligence art to the public. Aimed to make original art personal, fun & affordable, Artifly can create unique art prints based on the user’s preferences on the fly.

We caught up with the team to find out more…

Tell us about yourself…

We are a collective of young artists and programmers sharing a passion for creativity. We followed our love for art and technology on a path to make art for everyone – personal, unique, accessible.
Inspired by Christie’s sale of AI-generated art by Obvious in 2018, three childhood friends Eyal Fisher, Ben Kovalis and Guy Haimovitz decided to raise the game to a new level. By 2019 they founded ART AI, which shortly began selling AI-generated wall-art worldwide. Our online gallery offers original AI art in various styles, each piece sold only once.
Recently, ART AI launched their new app – ARTIFLY, which creates custom-made AI art on the fly.

Which song best sums up your brand?

Naturally, the AI generated rock song “On the Edge” by AIVA.

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What can we expect from your stay at BOXPARK?

At Boxpark we hope to attract creatives of all kinds, to share the excitement and ignite curiosity with a sneak peek into the wonders of art and technology. There will be music, drinks, merchandise and of course, art.

Which item from your current selection is your favourite?

Every member of our team has a favourite artwork, at least momentarily. It’s hard to keep track when new art is added every day!