Pop-up: Charlotte Posner


23 Nov 21

We are delighted to welcome Charlotte Posner to BOXPARK Shoreditch for a week-long pop-up out of unit 15.

Inspired by people, places and popular culture from all over the world, Charlotte’s signature art style is distinguishable by its expression of shape and form, colour and confidence. Charlotte uses her art to transcend the invisible barriers that divide us and evoke emotion.

We caught up with Charlotte to find out more…

Tell us about yourself…

My career began when I started work at the age of 13 having been brought up in my family business of fabrics and textiles. I’ve always enjoyed working in retail and working with people. One summer I was focusing on fashion illustrations using pen and ink. I took a holiday to Italy and while travelling I passed an ice cream stand showing images of various ice creams.
I instinctively picked five of them from the same brand to create an art piece (of what I now call pop dolls) but at the time I didn’t have a name for them.
I used the head and bodies of the subject matter drawing them into the female figures. I then decided to tweet Walls Ice cream the image and to my surprise they reposted it.

As interest and traffic grew on my website and on social media platforms I was being asked for commissions from followers and major brands reaching out to me such as Louis Vuitton, Nivea, Shiseido and suddenly “Charlotte Posner” was becoming recognised.
In 2018 Posdav Ltd. was born thanks to the partnership with entrepreneur Lady Jeanne Davies.

Which song best sums up your brand?

Happy – Pharrell Williams

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What can we expect from your stay at BOXPARK?

POP energy, positive vibes, vibrant art and lots of Black Friday surprises!

Which item from your current menu is your favourite?

Beauty Corner cotton wash bag