Pop-up: Forever


8 Dec 20

We’re delighted to welcome Forever to BOXPARK Shoreditch for a week-long stay in the unit 26 pop-up.

Forever®️ Is a streetwear fashion brand that’s was born out of peer togetherness and creativity for the collective.

We caught up with them to learn more about the brand.

Tell us about yourself…

My journey in this arena has been a long time coming and I have been carving out my fashion ideas from as early as I can remember as a child through sounds, colours music and films heard from my parents in the 80s which has shaped my own passion for all things high fashion & streetwear. I am an avid fan of music of all types and so naturally I have been influenced by popular culture which can be seen in my designs and creations thus far. For a long time growing up it was just simply about dressing as well as you possibly could on a next to nothing budget of your weekly paper-round which meant you had to be very creative in order to look your best for the many house party’s attended. Trips to car boot sales mixed in with probito in Bond Street was just a normal weekend for me and my friends, and these were the humble beginnings of my fashion journey before I knew it. I’ve always enjoyed dressing and putting pieces together & once I had my Daughter in 2011 I think I found the confidence to try and start to create and build my own brand. Since then I have begun to take it a lot more seriously and exercising my creativity and this year has seen me release my most pieces to date , have my 1st professional photo shoot for my range and also set up my Webstore www.screwfaceforever.com as well as this my 1st Pop up store so I just want to keep pushing myself and my creativity and hopefully keep people happy with Creations and fits.

Which song best sums up your brand?

Lovers by Pierre Bourne

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What can we expect from your stay at BOXPARK?

You can expect a warming welcome and a nice bubbly vibe with good fits and clothing which we are hoping you will like. Also we have an artist coming down to customised shoes during the week so also look out for that.

Which item from your current selection is your favourite?

My favourite item from out range is the anime horror hoodie which is one of our Halloween releases as it is a lovely graphic and the comfort and for of the hoodie is one of my faves.